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  1. Hello, I can't seem to activate windows after I succesfully installed from USB. It says I need to activate before I can login and when I do so it says activation cant be completed. Shouldn't I get 30 days before I would have to activate?
  2. Hello, I've got a HP Pavilion notebook and I need to upgrade from XP Home to XP Professional. I bought a XP Professional CD + Key and tried to install it but there were alot of alerts about unknown devices during setup, after setup was done the notebook crashed with a BSOD. Somewhere I read that with nLite I could integrate these missing drivers onto the CD so I burned a new CD with only the driver folder added via the wizzard. The alerts during setup where gone. Setup looked totally different then the first try with the original CD btw. All went well I thought but when XP booted for the first time I got an alert saying I needed to activate XP before I could login. I tried doing so, but it cant seem to activate. Am I doing something wrong here or missing an option? UPDATE: I just retried it once more. It promted me for activation again, I activated. It said the activation was succesfull but when I wanted to login it immediatly promted for activation again
  3. I get the same BSOD. I'm installing Windows XP Professional with SP2. Its the dutch language and it says version 2002. I use a 1Gb USB stick, i first formatted it with PeToUSB.exe and then ran the USB_MultiBoot2.cmd file. The BSOD with the 0x0000007B error comes right before you normaly are asked to hit F8 in the setup. I need the USB setup to work because the CD Drive is broken
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