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  1. I'm sorry that I didn't described it very well. I'm making an application in .NET and I want that the users of this application can change the design from my dialogs or make some new dialogs. Lets look for example to a e-mail client. when a e-mail is comming you can make some rules in which folder this e-mail will be saved. and now i want that the user can modify this "script" or "makro" for his personal use. I don't know how i can parse a "script" to get some dialogs.
  2. Hi folks, I want to create an application witch the user can "develop" his own dialogs and functions. How should I start this? Is there some documentation or any information out there?
  3. Snapshot Technology...

    Hi folks, thank you very much for you're answers. Yes, I mean the snapshot technology like in Ghost or DriveSnapshot. Anyway. I'm sure that this is a very big "bone". I would like to know how this is done and there is no open source software for that, to do an online snapshot just offline snapshots. Best regards
  4. Snapshot Technology...

    Thanks for your answer, but I didn't found anything useful.
  5. Hi folks, I'm looking for Snapshot Technology information. I would like to see how it works and what knowledge is needed to write some application like this. Best regards, Timur Zangar
  6. Microsoft WINPE compatible with Visual C++ and .NE

    I know someone who sended me an ISO Image but I didn't tested it yet. I'll test it next week and then I can tell you if it worked.
  7. Hi folks, I've got an SUS Server and want to know if somebody has a script to install this downloads to specific OSes without SUS Server.
  8. Universal Silent Switch Finder 0.1

    OK :-) It is a very simple technique which is used, and I hope I'll implement it in the Unattended Builder as soon as possible. I think it will be out at the end of the month.
  9. Universal Silent Switch Finder 0.1

    This spalsh screen is the screen from PEiD v0.92.