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  1. That script is great I am adapting it right now. Do you happen to know where the 'Add new hardware wizard' exe is located so I can force it to run on first boot. I will try to include all variations so the drivers will all install (or not if the driver doesn't exist) correctly and reboot ready for users. I will post it back up as soon as it is complete . This method will be a great way to easy auto install drivers. Thanks
  2. Thanks. This method doesn't mention auto it at all and looks very complicated for what I need. I tried WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe but didn't seem to work. Is there not an application that will simply click yes when the box pops up?
  3. Would you happen to know the name or where I can find this utility? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help that was very useful . I will look in to autoit for the installation process. Maybe having it installed only for the installation, accept the driver signing and then get removed later on. Another question I have thought about is: Isnt OEMDriverspath limited to around 4000 characters?.
  5. Hey, I have searched high and low for a solution for a MASTER XP image using ghost and I cannot find one that is either simple or works. I have been viewing this forum for a long time but caome up with no solution to my problem. THis post I have also put on the symantec forum as well. I am using the driver packs from driverpacks.net and all the drivers install apart from a few PnP drivers. The sysprep file is designed to detect and use the correct HAL as well. I am very close to succeeding in the project however I have become stuck on installing PnP drivers what require device signing. I have set driver signing to Ignore yet it still asks to confirm driver installation. Before I reseal the image I used the sysprep driver scanner from http://www.vernalex.com/tools/spdrvscn/index.shtml to add drivers to the registry key DevicePath registry key. I have placed all the drivers in the directory called C:/DRIVERS. I reseal the image and capture it with ghost. I have set it in syspep to login to the admin account once the mini setp is run and then run the script that will shut down after 60 seconds. This giving XP time to find any drivers and install them before reboot. So when it does reboot the computer will be ready for students to simply use the computer. If anyone knows of a solution to this problem it would be extremely helpful. I will be writing documentation to this process since there is little about and documentation that is around it either outdated or very confusing. Possible solution?: Whilst writing this I remembered that someone said that the OEMdriverspath command in sysprep will write to the DevicePath registry key. So could removing this line from sysprep fix it possibly? Here is my sysprep file: ;SetupMgrTag [unattended] OemSkipEula=Yes InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386 TargetPath=\WINDOWS DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore IgnoreInstalledDrivers=Yes OEMdriverspath=c:\DRIVERS UpdateUPHAL="ACPIAPIC_UP,%WINDIR%\inf\Hal.inf [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword="password" EncryptedAdminPassword=NO AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=85 OemSkipWelcome=1 [userData] ProductKey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx FullName="" OrgName="" ComputerName=* [Display] BitsPerPel=32 Xresolution=1024 YResolution=768 [identification] JoinDomain=STAFF.example.com DomainAdmin=staff\ghost DomainAdminPassword=xxxxxx [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [sysPrep] BuildMassStorageSection=Yes [branding] BrandIEUsingUnattended=Yes [Proxy] Proxy_Enable=0 Use_Same_Proxy=0 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000809 UserLocale=00000809 InputLocale=0809:00000809 [sysprepMassStorage] *removed from this post becuase of length*
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