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  1. Thanks i will look at that. Just to clear up what I am looking for. I want something where I can host my own server in my datacentre, my remote systems will then communicate into this server on an outbound port, say 4242 for example. Then I can login to my server and put an EXE or MSI file and say distribute it to all the machines. I am also looking for something with a dashboard, say I set the PCs to talk into my server every 10 - 15 minutes and they dont communicate in I can ring the site up and ask them if the PC has been switched off. I would also like to get remote access to it via the above setup, something like logmein whereby the software talks to logmein server and then I can login to logmein and connect to my pc. I cant use logmein as a majority of the admins of the networks where my PCs are installed have globally blocked it and wont remove the restriction but they will open an OUTGOING port from my pc to my server but I cant find any suitable software. Bomgar is good but doesn't allow me to send out files to my remote machines and I dont think it has a dashboard for me to see if a machine has gone down. Hope that makes sense, thanks again
  2. I am going to be supporting external networks though so I could do with software that is encrypted and works on an outbound port i.e the machines on the external network talks into a server on my network. Is there any alternatives to bomgar? or is that best?
  3. I've tried echovnc but not too keen on the implementation of it and security etc. I have looked at a Bomgar appliance, has any one used it?
  4. Hi all, I am looking for examples of remote access software whereby I get to host my own server on-site. The only one that I have managed to come up with at the minute is EchoGent. Do you know of any others, not LogMeIn etc as it uses their server, I want to be able to use my own. Thanks
  5. I know in the UK there is problem with Virgin Media connections and not getting the speeds specified You can try to use TCP Optimizer to optimize your ethernet card and see if that works I have attached the link also http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  6. Do you mean you have slow internet speeds?
  7. just like to introduce myself, used the forums along time ago and have spent along time away Back now though and ready to help again couldnt remember my username so i had to set up again! Hope you are all still well

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