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  1. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    Go ahead, pop a vessel in your head. Keep stressing about it "like, omg!!"
  2. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    So your using Vlite with a BETA OS for which it wasnt even designed to be used on and Vlite's buggy? You're a fool. Don't waste anyone's time here if you have nothing but sarcasm to share. W7 installed perfectly fine on two laptops as has XP SP3. Its not a coincidence vlite is causing issues with both o/s on this laptop now. Don't tell me crap that the o/s is beta because it installed perfectly fine on two other o/s that did not need vlite.
  3. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    I tried again with Ultimate and obviously manual setup and unattended as I've said twice before. 2 hours into the install it failed with an error stating one of the system components could not be installed. This vlite thing is buggy edit: I even had errors trying XP sp3 telling me missing or corrupt hal.dll file
  4. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    Ok but I made clear in my last 2 posts that this time I left manual setup enabled and unattended off. I'm still getting the same error about the license Even creating from a new iso/bootable usb from scratch too.
  5. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    This is crazy. I tried again but this time Home Premium with unattended OFF This time, I get an error that says the product key entered does not match any of the windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key. However, I never get any prompt to do just that! I click install, get that error, click ok and back to install button again.
  6. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    See attached. This is the setup I used that got me the last error.
  7. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    I tried again with vlite. This time I left manualsetup but this time I got an error in setup (where it lists available o/s options) that says: there are no images available
  8. Windows 7 error (but works?)

    I used vlite yesterday and got the Windows 7 Beta down to 1.25GB in size. It installed from USB succesffully to my Aspire One netbook (150), 8GB SSD model. I decided to use vlite one more time to shrink the size even further, got it down to 1.08GB (from previous 1.25GB). This time I used Business version instead of Ultimate. Now I get this error during install: windows could not collect information for [osimage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does not exist The install.wim file is in fact there, nearly 1GB in size. Would appreciate help on this. Also, how do I delete the previous sessions from the drop down list on the start area in vlite?
  9. Windows 7 for Aspire One Netbook?

    I decided to use vlite after all. I got the ISO from the original 2.5 down 50% to 1.25GB. I'm installing now using that vlite iso version. I hope it will complete. It should since its half the size after all.
  10. Windows 7 for Aspire One Netbook?

    The problem is not the USB itself, the install process works but the actual completion does not. I can obviously boot off the usb and start the install just fine.
  11. Windows 7 for Aspire One Netbook?

    I just found out about vlite, but first I'll just copy/paste something from a blog regarding installing Windows 7 from bootable USB. *** This is not working for me at all. I was one hour into the install on my Aspire One (SSD 8GB version), after its 2nd reboot it tells me that it is not compatible with the hardware??? Then I rebooted again, it now tells me “windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation” What’s going on? I’m running the official W7 Beta 7000 build on my Aspire One 8GB SSD version. I’m running 8GB SSD w/ 1GB Memory. The o/s (W7) does not require 15GB space. Its only 2.5GB in size (ISO) and during setup, says it is “recommends” 8.5GB in space. I tried again with 8GB SD card inside, booted off USB (as yesterday). The SD card itself apparently was not recognize as a drive to install to during setup. Only the SSD itself. *** Any ideas of getting this Windows 7 (32bit) to install with or without the need for vlite?
  12. USB Drive Target Error

    I'm getting the same error (using latest version of USB_MultiBoot_10). I used the HP format tool (NTFS), didn't work. I used the PeToUSB tool (tried both fat and ntfs), didn't work. They formatted (that worked), but the error still shows up. I have a 2GB Memorex USB flash drive.