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  1. And yes, the shutdown will not execute until the previous commands complete.
  2. Just in case anyone was curious I now have an answer for my question. Here is the Official word from Microsoft on this one. If you have 10 Volume License Keys for Windows XP Pro you can have that Key issued to 10 computers at one time if you format one and then reinstall it 10 times you are still just using 1 seat. This how ever does change with Vista and Windows Server 2008. You are licensed on how many installs you do unless you have a 2008 Licensing server running. So if you have a 2008 Licensing server running it is just like XP you can install Vista a billion times on the same PC and never use more then one license. On the flip side if you are not using the windows server 2008 licensing server and you have 10 licenses for vista the 11 time you install vista on the pc you will need to call and get the product activated. On a side note this also applies to Windows 2008 server Cals.
  3. Well it's good to know I'm not crazy. I'll look through that microsoft link you provided too see if that can give me something to help "convince" him. Anyway, if anyone else has any other articles or links that say it right to the point that'd help too. But thanks for the information!
  4. Okay I've worked as an entry level tech for a few corporations and colleges that use volume licensing for XP. Recently I was experimenting with some software and making drastic settings changes on a test computer. Obviously the point of using a test machine is so if you break XP, you can reformat and reinstall, no harm done. Well my new boss basically freaked out because according to him: Every time you reformat and reinstall XP, it uses one of your licenses. We are volume licensed for about 50 XP installations. So, I asked if this meant that, if I sat on one machine which was connected to the internet and reformatted and reinstalled XP 50 times in a row, just for kicks, we'd be completely out and would have to purchase more? He said yes because microsoft monitors this and if you tried going over the computers would start having severe problems. This seems absolutely ridiculous to me, but I've had trouble finding a microsoft article to back me on this so I can prove him wrong(or prove me wrong). So am I being stupid or am I correct? and where is this documented? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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