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  1. Ok I have downloaded that yesterday bu got a little confused. Also thanks for pointing out the installpath parameter. Now I downloaded the SFX tools and what I notice there are four new SFX's. Which one should I use and does it matter? Thanks, OK I am back and that worked.......thanks so much.
  2. I am wondering if anyone could help me out on a problem that I believe should be easy. Now I been recently using 7zip and I have to say this freeware is pretty cool. Now I am using it to create a Self Extracting Installer for a Cisco VPN client. Now the reason I am using it is because I am archeiving all the contents along with some .pcf files that will be used for connections in the VPN client. Now I have setup it up to use the .msi file for installation and everything works great. But the only issue I have is when everything is extracted to the temp directory and then the installer runs it detects a older version of vpn loaded. So it wants to uninstall the older version and reboot when it's done. The thing is that after the reboot the installer doesn't proceed on installing the new version because everything has been deleted out of the temp directory. So the installation nevers completes and therefore I would have to run the Self Extracting Installer again. Is there anyway I can change the 7zS.sfx file from deleting the contents in the temp directory? Thanks,

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