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  1. IE 7

    Yes I did a clean reinstallation. I don't know it formats HDD because after installation I still get my old directory drives without me taking any action to create drives. How is it possible.
  2. IE 7

    On Windows XP reinstallation as a component IE 7 too was installed. Immediately after installation I tried it. It worked fine. I also tried Firefox and GoogleChrome. After that there were several updates including IE which I updated along with SP3. Now IE 7 does not work. I cannot connect to internet through IE. But I can use Firefox or GoogleChrome without any problem. Why is it not working? My reason for re-installation of OS was due to repeated problems due to _Anti-spyware program - "bestantivirusscan.com" Do you think it is possible that program is still there hidden even after clean re-installation of the OS causing IE not to work? What is the best way available for me to get IE 7 work again? Thanks
  3. Windows XP Prof. - NVIDIA control panel

    I think I will be able to take it back to the Viewsonic service desk and get the programmed chip changed. BUT still I think since there is a "Viewsonic Windows XP signed file" is sitting in my add/remove program list , which I am NOT able to remove from the list, may cause the repaired / exchanged new Viewsonic screen (monitor) also to be recognized again as VX2235wm (22") monitor (wrong model). Therefore, I wish to get the "Viewsonic Windows XP signed file" removed from the add/remove program prior to connect the new Viewsonic monitor. Everytime when I try to remove it, Viewsonic Windows XP INF installation screen pops up with the following error message: An installation support file could not be installed. The system cannot find the file specified". Any advise to get this file, "Viewsonic Windows XP signed file" removed from the add/remove program will be appreciated
  4. Windows XP Prof. - NVIDIA control panel

    Thank you for your advice. As advised I did test the monitor on a different computer with a different display adapter. On rebooting it detected a new hardware/device and states the hardware as VX2235 Monitor, which is the wrong monitor. I can not understand why it is identifying it as 22" monitor, instead of my VA930m, 19" monitor. Even after installing the driver as a plug and play device, it shows the monitor as VX2235wm. You are right, something wrong with the screen. Is there a way to change the screen to show as VA930m monitor? Thank you
  5. System does not recognize the correct model My Computer – Properties – Hardware – Device Manager – Monitors Shows wrong model: ViewSonic VX2235wm (22”) instead of VA930m (19”) (ViewSonic Monitor) Therefore on boot up I get a – "Out of Range "Error message. Because of this error I cannot enter F8 for safe mode or Del Key for BIOS setup. When pressed these keys, system does not start. The error message remains on the screen without performing system start up process. Rebooting by shutting off the computer and / or unplugging it and plugging it back brings the same "Out of range Error" message. because the system recognizes the monitor model as VX2235wm (22” instead of VA930m (19”) I think only by removing this wrong model monitor from the system only I can correct this problem. Therefore, I have tried following and but did not resolve the problem: Add/Remove prog - removing Viewsonic program BUT was not able to remove ViewSonic Windows XP signed files. From Regedit removing this folder : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ViewSonic Corporation\ViewSonic Monitor Drivers Uninstalling the device and reinstalling as a plug and play monitor. BUT still NVIDIA control panel shows the device as VX2235wm (22"). By updating the driver by selecting the correct model VA930m (19”) from the CD that came with the monitor, Device manager shows the model VA930m correctly BUT NVIDIA control panel shows the device as VX2235wm (22") and causing the Out of Range error message to appear over and over again. Please advise how I could remove the wrong model, VX2235wm and the hidden file, ID or program pertainig to this monitor from the system and NVIDIA control panel