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  1. I am interested in changing the text-mode setup part of Windows Xp installation to 'invert' the color scheme of the txt mode screen,and the fonts...how would I go about doing this in terms of the XP system files involved,etc??? Thanks for any,all replies!! This will be for my own custom Windows XP Pro that I have had for awhile now...on my own home built PC...
  2. I am a "Newbie" when it comes to modding Windows XP setup,system files,and would like to know the system files that contain "Create Shortcut dialogue box,AND the post GUI-mode "Welcome to Windows" screen that loads just before first time logging onto XPs desktop??? Thanks in advance for a reply!
  3. No,I don't have the "...$OEM$\ folder as part of the OemPnPDriversPath argument,nor do I have the code line that you mentioned in your reply;is the line necessary for Windows to install my motherboard drivers??
  4. I found what the problem was;accidentally left off the end-quote from the $OEM$ drivers file path!! I think,however,I will stick with installing the MB drivers after copying them over to hard drive via the $Progs sub-folder!!
  5. Hello forum members, I have tried twice -unsuccessfully-to install windows xp home slipstreamed with sp 3; I keep getting the following error:Line 22 of WINNT.SIF is invalid!! I have checked to see what is on that line,and found out it is my OemPNPDriversPath entry; it looks like the following:OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_Ichip;Drivers\001_Rlan;Drivers\002_RHDa"!! I do not see why I am getting the WINNT.SIF invalid line error,but would like to know if any forum members have had the same problem with this particular setup error?? Thanks in advance for a reply! btw,the OS I Slipstreamed with
  6. Hello forum members, I have a question regarding integrating hot-fixes,add-ons,and service packs into Windows 98 SE;there are a lot of info about integrating apps into Windows 2000/X P, but not that much for Windows 9X, and was wondering how to go about integrating service pack/hot fixes, and add-ons into Windows 98 SE source folder for an unattended install on my own computer(mainly for testing purposes ,as I am ONLY a hobbyist in Windows computing-read:NOOB!!) I read somewhere on another forum/thread that this unattended install could be implemented with a file named:msbatch.exe;if this is
  7. Hello forum members, I am first a newsie,secondly a Unattended WIndows 20000 professional amatuer,so please bare with this awkward description of the problem I have had three(3) consecutive times I tried to slipstream SP 4/tweaked setupp.ini to OEM; I have tried to -clean on extended primary partition-of local hard drive after using unattended cd creator,and tweaking the setupp.ini file to accept this install as VLK,but every time Iget to the GUI-Mode screen I get en error box(NOT Verbatim!) tha t indicates setup has experienced a 'Fatal' error and could not locate the Pid of the sytem,that
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