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  1. xeross

    vLite and SP1

    Hey, I've modified vista with vLite, but now i can't apply SP1 i was wondering if anyone knows a fix to this problem ? Thanks for your time, Xeross
  2. When i click delete in the right click menu it sais, Accesories is a system folder and is necessary for windows to correctly function, this map can't be deleted That's roughly translated from dutch
  3. Yeah i do that and check everything because i want to install everything but at the end it cant register any of it's dll's and it wont successfully install
  4. Then it still resides in the all users directory and that one sais it's needed for windows to run
  5. Is there any way i can remove the folder Start->All Programs->Accesories i moved everything in it to other folders so i want it removed
  6. Hey, i tried to install visual studio 6 again but it just gives me a load of errors about dll's that can't be registered, how do i make it install successfully, there maybe some issues with my program files being /Programma's instead of /Program Files.
  7. xeross

    uxtheme.dll error

    Patching with this patcher did work, and i only added some programs that dont alter uxtheme.dll in any way
  8. xeross

    uxtheme.dll error

    Hey, i made my xp pro sp2 dutch unattended and added a theme and enabled the uxtheme patcher, i now burned it to a dvd rw and installed the windows, but now whenever i try to maximize a window it sais it encountered an error and is closed i looked at the details and the problem is in uxtheme.dll, how do i fix this ? Edit : I took the original uxtheme.dll and patched it with the multipatcher, then i cabbed it and added it to the installation, now it works
  9. I don't have iis installed nor the streaming media server
  10. Hey i have a machine with windows server 2003 standard r2, now i want to disable wfp cus of unneeded Inetpub and wmpub directories but could only find guides for xp. 2k and so on. does anyone know how to disable it in server 2003?

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