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  1. On 12/7/2020 at 7:13 PM, blibluh said:

    [...] Just realized that the one you uploaded is not the file from here. [...]

    Wrong: the 'winaero version' is the recompiled '.NET4.6 version' which is supposed to be attached on OP, but apparently the attachment is (still) 0 Byte.

    On 12/7/2020 at 7:13 PM, blibluh said:

    [...] And that this new modified .exe can be found nowhere on the internet besides similar packed zips. Not even talking about in this thread. [...]

    Wrong: it is attached to a post by digitalboy as you could have easily found out by yourself if you had read (only) the last page (at that time) of this topic before you made your first rant post since Vertex Shader explicitly asked for Install_WIM-Tweak_v1-4-7-0_DotNET46 and jaclaz gave him precise answer linking to said post by digitalboy.

    Both versions are hosted by german win-unattended.de as well.

    SHA-256: afbf22880d0129f8b11b1a5876f175c874f52c8572cb5c4beda3c528241a8e6c *install_wim_tweak_NET4.6.exe

    SHA-256: 1f6054e153129affc15982efe6d47a79c3c18e4d6a57c7835a511ea0de96ddb4 *install_wim_tweak.exe

    Compare them to those you posted at reddits..


    On 12/7/2020 at 7:13 PM, blibluh said:

    [...] Can wait for Legolash2o to answer if this .exe. was in fact compiled by him.

    He already did a looong time ago.

  2. haven't used winntsetup quite some time..

    On 10/14/2015 at 5:47 PM, JFX said:

    Further is now possible to set defaults to the folder browsing option in your ini file.

    Following will set all the dialogs to the same dir as where WinNTSetup.exe is located.


    There are also driverdir, sourcedir, unattenddir, oemdir, and rundir avalible.

    All dialogs will remember the last location, this also includes changes made by ini or command line.


    dir=.\ ->really did the trick! 

    driverdir -> Drivers=subdir with space\subdir

    sourcedir -> Source=subdir\subdir with space\filename.ext   ;#ext=[esd|iso|swm|wim]   #complains about invalid source AFTER pressing Setup

    unattenddir -> UnattendedFile=somedir\somefile.abc   ;#winntsetup doesn't check if it's valid .xml file - windows propably will


    oemdir -> OEM=somedir

    rundir -> seems not to exist, not to remember and not saving to ini by pressing Ctrl+S, neither do run= nor runfile=



    A leading \ will break the line as it is not recognized any more

    @JFX: RegTweaks= always resolves to full qualified path


    On 10/16/2015 at 7:08 PM, JFX said:

    It's designed that way to remember all changes.

    I really like the idea remembering changes like last dir .. very handy if working with gui

    On 10/17/2015 at 12:01 PM, Ulaiphur said:

    This does not help anybody. The idea of an ini file is to overwrite any existing values. Hence load ini file.

    A correct way was the program to remember the previous paths used BUT if a .ini file was loaded, it will overwrite the previous used values.

    I am with Ulaiphur on that one and it seems now to be implemented that way. I guess commandline takes precedence over ini settings as well, doesn't it?

    Request: drop full qualified paths in favor of relative paths to WinNTSetup.exe IF they are in same dir (or beneath) for even better portability

    I wish there was more/better documentation. I wouldn't bother either - if the code is well someone else might write the docs. btw: where's diddy?

    But then, i guess it's better to have working undocumented code than the other way round (until there is a develpment environment thats creating related documentation on the fly)


    Thanx once again for such a great tool - very much appreciated



  3. There is a completely empty SFCFILES.DLL (which is STIILL available here on FdV's site: http://www.vorck.com/windows/software.html http://www.vorck.com/windows/data/sfcfiles.zip )


    mukke made reference to a (supposedly newer) SFCFILES.DLL version, that is seemingly missing.

    The link on this page:



    does point to:


    which is 404


    What I suspect is that there is simply a "wrong" link above (typo by FdV or "moved file") and that only exists a single version of SFCFILES.DLL, that the "new version" that mukke used is still that same file and that it is still the same good ol' one completely empty derived from Damian's initial implementation. :unsure:



    Guess WHO at the time (ten years ago! :w00t::ph34r:) provided "critical insights" pointing FdV at Damian Bakowsky work?  :whistle:








    just to clarify: jaclaz is perfectly right on what he is suspecting* - at least the copy of the 'sfcfiles.zip' on my hdd is last modified 2008.10.23 and binary identical with the one still available - so my vote is for 'moved file'.


    *except i use(d) german version(s) created by myself :P

    and will never forget the moment my son recognized his picture on the cards when he played solitaire back then..

    ..and enjoyed the fact windows was not prompting to replace the critical systemfile named 'cards.dll' :lol:



    But since a new file might be of interest, I thought it might be relevant to post the modded file with version ("5515") resource and correct checksum, which is also offered by MDGx.


    indeed - and most likely the preferable one

  4. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an app that can do this for you so you have to use HexEdit to get the job done.  Then you can then insert the modified sfcfiles.dll into the REPLACE/i386 folder.

    Then do it yourself or even better let HFSLIP make it for you! Here's a quick'n dirty (and untested!) example to get you started using gsar:

    @ECHO OFFMD HFPOST 2>NULEXPAND -R SOURCESS\I386\SFCFILES.DL_ HFPOST >NUL::tcpip.sys%PREP%HFTOOLS\gsar -o HFPOST\SFCFILES.DLL -s:X25:X00:X73:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00:X74:X00:X65:X00:X6D:X00:X72:X00:X6F:X00:X6F:X00:X74:X00:X25:X00:X5C:X00:X73:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00:X74:X00:X65:X00:X6D:X00:X33:X00:X32:X00:X5C:X00:X64:X00:X72:X00:X69:X00:X76:X00:X65:X00:X72:X00:X73:X00:X5C:X00:X74:X00:X63:X00:X70:X00:X69:X00:X70:X00:X2E:X00:X73:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00 -r:X5C:X00:X00:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00:X74:X00:X65:X00:X6D:X00:X72:X00:X6F:X00:X6F:X00:X74:X00:X25:X00:X5C:X00:X73:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00:X74:X00:X65:X00:X6D:X00:X33:X00:X32:X00:X5C:X00:X64:X00:X72:X00:X69:X00:X76:X00:X65:X00:X72:X00:X73:X00:X5C:X00:X74:X00:X63:X00:X70:X00:X69:X00:X70:X00:X2E:X00:X73:X00:X79:X00:X73:X00MAKECAB /D CompressionMemory=%COMPMEM% /D CompressionType=LZX HFPOST\SFCFILES.DLL /L SOURCESS\I386 >NULEXIT/B 0


  5. I looked at the article by Fred Vorck at http://www.vorck.com/windows/xpsp4.html and in the section called 'Random Notes' [...]


    I suppose you read that section again more carefully! Then read it again. And maybe once more. You are mixing up a few things!


    Btw: fdv's new version of SFCFILES.DLL that is "empty," is just that other approach advocated by ElTorqiro (with all system files excluded)   ;)

  6. Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread .. but it might be useful for some..


    Another possibility is making use of u3_tool which is able to partition ufd into a readonly and an ordinary write enabled partition and then load an iso into it. No additional changes (e.g. to hfslip.cmd) are needed. Just use the iso created by hfslip as is. The iso loading into the ufd is not very fast but it is an easy way to make an cd install to netbooks etc..


    I tested u3_tool on a couple of my ufd (u3 and non u3) without any problems.

  7. I have taken the original versions of these files, and modified them (added SATA support, change install directory, etc).

    I was wondering where to put them at.

    I don't want to put them in the SOURCE folder, as I want to keep that pure and only have the original files in there.

    I can't put them in the REPLACE folder, as then these files would overwrite the ones that HFSLIP had modified.


    So where can I put them so that HFSLIP can modify them?


    Thanks in advance.

    You have to edit txtsetup.sif on-the-fly:

    use hfexpert\storage to add sata support

    use hfcleanup to delete lines

    use hftools\hfslip_post*.cmd to add or edit lines

    edits to layout.inf are not needed

  8. I'm sorry for not responding for such a long time..


    ..as for the hardcoded resolution try the attached hivevga.inf injected via hfexpert\hiveinstall.



    So to me it seems that its the video card drivers

    I seem to remember that the matrox drivers are 'little' special.. (and a pita to slipstream)


    is there a way to slipstream the chipset and/or video drivers?

    There should be a way.. I would always suggest the chipset drivers first (there are several how to's on this forum depending on the manufacturer)! And perhaps run the original matrox setup post os install?


  9. I was gonna ask if anyone still had a copy of a HFSLIP 2.0 alpha version, but after an extensive search ..

    .. it is also available here :whistle: Also note that HFSLIP 2.0 was scripted by Tomcat76

    Concerning useful code ..

    From changelog:

    - new binaries collected from updates are slipstreamed faster into the new source

    - in AUTORUN mode


    Recovery Console and while on the subject CATCH 22

    alternative sourcess location

    .. might be of interest as you may already know :yes:

    I made some changes to the 1.7.x scripts as well but didn't keep track of them lately due to lack of time (need days with 36h)

  10. ..or make an exception for hfslip by extending Mim0's reg-file

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]


    ; The per-application registry entry always overrides the system-wide setting

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\hfslip-1.7.10_beta_J_v11.cmd]


  11. I replaced the code with the following:


    This works just as good.

    That could/should have been implemented into HFSLIP about 3½ years ago, but dont blame tommyp for not doing so..

  12. it seems not slipstreaming both of them but rather install/get them manually (2607712 before 2616676) after the os is set up is easiest way to ensure all certification stuff is applied correctly until M$

    issue an update to update 2616676

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