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  1. I'm also wondering if I can trust google with my personal information too... http://oak.psych.gatech.edu/~epic/ http://www.google-watch.org/ I don't want a personal file on me, you know?
  2. Some years ago it was crazy to post your picture on the internet. Crazy to post your real name. Especially your last name. It was dubbed foolish to post the city where you were from or even the state. I have seen many many blogs, forums, personal websites, and profiles that contain this information about people now! Well, what do you think? Do you think we should stop worrying about giving this personal information out on the internet or should we still safeguard it? People are basically advertising themselves on the internet, wanting online relationships or something. And this has appeared to increase steadily in the past few years. So, what's your opinion on this?
  3. I have a Nvidia Geforce2 MX/MX 400 graphics card and Doom3 runs on my pc at the lowest quality settings. It runs decent too. Here is how to get Doom3 working for Win98se: 1: Make a backup of your Doom3.exe (As usual) 2: Open up Doom3.exe with a hex editor (I used Microsoft Visual C++) 3: Do a search for GlobalMemoryStatusEx 4: Replace the E with '00' and the X with '00'. What I mean is this. E is '45' and X is '78', change the 45 to '00' and the '78' to '00' 5: That's it. Save it and run it on Win98se. It works great! I'm not sure if this fix will work for your OS but heck, why not give it a try?
  4. Check out Paragon Partition Manager. Might want to defragment your drives prior to use though.
  5. Well, my brother has just bought Thief - Deadly Shadows for the PC. I would like to play it but there's one problem, Windows98se is not supported and I have Windows98se. I installed it and when I tried to run the game it said it was corrupt. I was just wondering if I could just copy the files from windows XP on his computer to my HardDrive. I know there are some hidden files in XP like SAM files; do I need special software to copy it? And another thing about the CD keys, that makes no sense to me. You need to activate it before you use it? Don't go there! but I want to stay as far in the green as possible. Well, thanks!
  6. Well what's the file extension of the file you want to play?
  7. GOT IT! YES! Actually, I couldn't get Apache2 to work so I went to Apache.
  8. Have you tried or -yes Your Internet address may not work if your router doesn't support local loopback to the LAN. -It does Also check that the Apache service is running in Services. -where can i do this? under apache service monitor there are no services running.
  9. I have it installed. I use a router and the ip of my router is My local ip is I tried my ip 68.xx.xxx.xx but that didn't work either. Don't I need to run anything? I clicked on this thing that says "Start Apache in Console" and it makes my PC go extremely slow. So slow that in order to shut down the program I have to restart my machine unless I wait about five minutes. So I didn't get to test it out. Apache is installed at D:\apache\Apache2
  10. Downloaded ans installed Apache2. No idea what to do. I would like PHP and MySQL. I don't even know how to set it up to display a simple web page. I have a router and I enabled DMZ and I have no firewalls. I am running Windows98SE. Where do I begin? The first step is I want to know how to see my webpage and how to host a page. Please help me. Thank you.
  11. I'm not sure if any of you guys have played Thief: The Dark Project or Thief2: The Metal Age but I have and I am waiting for Thief3 to come out! There is this UT mod that is multiplayer thief. I have been playing it for a while now. It is pretty interesting. If you like Thief then I suggest you check it out. Thievery
  12. Well, let me give an example of what my problem is. Refer to the following two classes. public class Character { private String name; public Character(String name) { this.name = name; } } public class TestCharacter { Character mine = new Character("Cloud"); } I know that my program dosen't "do" anything, I just wanted to give an example of what error my compiler is goving me. This is the error that my compiler gives me. TestCharacter.java:3: cannot resolve symbol symbol : constructor Character (java.lang.String) location: class java.lang.Character Character mine - new Character("Cloud"); ^ 1 error The classes compile perfectly on two other computers, one running Windows98SE and another running WindowsXP Home Edition. I believe that the problem came up after I installed Office XP on my computer, which is running Windows98SE. Yes, my compiler used to work just fine but I did something and it is giving me this error. When I type in "echo %CLASSPATH%" in command prompt it give me the result: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\QTJava.zip"" Is this correct? EDIT: Formatted my C: drive, which only had windows files on it, and reinstalled windows98se. The problem is fixed now. The only think that I can think of that caused the problem was installing office XP. Well, the compiler works perfectly now!
  13. Hello, this is a nice site and nice boards. Let's see, I am 16 years old. I love video games, PC games especially. I was introduced to programming in 5th grade I think. I started with Visual Basic(I did extremely basic things). That gave me a little idea of what programming was like. Then I started on C (Didn't do much there, just learned about scanf and printf). A very short while after I went to C++(Again, didn't do much just learned cout, cin, and how to open and save to a text file. Of course there are things like if else statements and while and for loops that I learned but those are basic too. I always wanted to learn more programming but the video games always distracted me, heh heh. I'm taking a java class in school now so I'm forced to learn. I wouldn't really say forced though, I LOVE it! I'm the top of my class(which really isn't anything to brag about, my classmates just don't think). Well, I have done a little more in java than the other languages but my class moves so slow! My dad encourages me to read ahead and learn by myself. I try...but I don't like reading and it makes me sleepy, heh heh. I guess the farthest I've gotten in programming is to arrays, which I know is not even a step into programming. I hope to learn more though! Ok, see you guys around then.

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