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  1. Now Im using your last version, multi boot version, with a standart XP SP2 Will let you know the results with exact error messages! Thanks to you wimb, for your great efforts, also ilko, jalacz, and everybody. Best!
  2. Hello! First - it is amazing guys, you deserve everything good, you work really hard for this. Im reading from since 2 days, Im amazed I have a problem with usb_prep, and couldnt solve this - read nearly everything, but still couldnt solve - so I need some help from you guys. I just got a Vaio TZ91 japanase, with only a 64gb SSD disk, no cdrom, no floppy. So I want to install windows XP from USB key! It is really fun trying to do this 1- My laptop boots from USB stick 2- I choose TXT setup 3- I create partition C, but not format, quit with F3 4- Again I choose TXT setup, this time I choose C and format with quick NTFS format, and it copies files 5- I choose GUI setup, it starts but then I get error: Windows couldnt find the file: asms and it is trying to look for it (I will write exact error next time, now formatted usb again) GLOBAL/ROOT??/&WINNT&-LS something If I change this: U:/&WINNT&-LS U is my usb stick then it accepts, abut asks again for another file. Even I enter manually U:/&WINNet... everytime - after a while, it couldnt find files like NT5.CAT etc I think the problem is, in GUI mode it cant get the i386 files folder, what I do wrong, do you have any idea? Thanks a lot from now on! Best Edit: I use a HP 4GB USB Stick as for usb drive

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