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  1. Problem with asms files

    Now Im using your last version, multi boot version, with a standart XP SP2 Will let you know the results with exact error messages! Thanks to you wimb, for your great efforts, also ilko, jalacz, and everybody. Best!
  2. Problem with asms files

    Hello! First - it is amazing guys, you deserve everything good, you work really hard for this. Im reading from since 2 days, Im amazed I have a problem with usb_prep, and couldnt solve this - read nearly everything, but still couldnt solve - so I need some help from you guys. I just got a Vaio TZ91 japanase, with only a 64gb SSD disk, no cdrom, no floppy. So I want to install windows XP from USB key! It is really fun trying to do this 1- My laptop boots from USB stick 2- I choose TXT setup 3- I create partition C, but not format, quit with F3 4- Again I choose TXT setup, this time I choose C and format with quick NTFS format, and it copies files 5- I choose GUI setup, it starts but then I get error: Windows couldnt find the file: asms and it is trying to look for it (I will write exact error next time, now formatted usb again) GLOBAL/ROOT??/&WINNT&-LS something If I change this: U:/&WINNT&-LS U is my usb stick then it accepts, abut asks again for another file. Even I enter manually U:/&WINNet... everytime - after a while, it couldnt find files like NT5.CAT etc I think the problem is, in GUI mode it cant get the i386 files folder, what I do wrong, do you have any idea? Thanks a lot from now on! Best Edit: I use a HP 4GB USB Stick as for usb drive