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  1. Windows 7 MUI Slipstream

    iamtheKy. I Did that and you seems to have right googled it. No I dont think my company is the source, What I found out is that it was downloaded just to be checked. Info is hard to get, sudenly no one wants to be releated with it.. I talked to a coworker and we deside to abandon that one and try to start from scratsh. We have all versions nessesary exept Win7 basic and Home but thats not a problem. Going to try to emplement language pack direct to them using the guides and then try if its possible to make them on one DVD all versions . If we do both 32 and 64 bit on one dvd we havent deside. Is it possible or is this "wares" so to speek some kind special? I havent checked it yet. but how is it made? Thanks for answering my quastions :-)
  2. Windows 7 MUI Slipstream

    iamtheKy. Well I got it from My work, and yes its probebly a mix of everyting. A test version. Not to use outside my works Walls. Just got it to try to find a way to edit language pack. om multiple settings. as a type of test to check if I can solv some SW issues. and se what Im made of so to speak. This Copy isnt for use on systems at all just tests. And Its ok I have to try to find my own way to solv this. Thanks.
  3. Windows 7 MUI Slipstream

    Hi I HAve a quastion. Seen it on the Forum but no sutible answer yet. I have the Windows 7 7600 AIO [grmculxfrer_en_dvd] en-us language. This wersion have both 32 and 64bit from basic to Ultimate. Have not yet seen a sutible guide to implement language pack on this one. I want it om ny language from install. Guides on the forum as I think when I see them are only for 32bit or 64bit single system. Anyone with an idea on how-to?? Thanks in advance
  4. nlite en windows xp media center

    Anyone know how to Integrate Framework 1.1 etc and Rollup 1 and 2 to Media Edition? Framework and Rollup Have to be installed if I want to install any language pack. I have tryed to get it to work with out any luck. I DL ULZ file for Windows XP PRO and some of the file there are not compatible with MCE but it seems like nlite fix that problem. Someone have probebly already fixed this issue but I havent got any luck to find that guide yet. I have been great to know if someone have succed with this litle problem..