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  1. when i tried to exicute the first code i got the foloowing output from the cmd: C:\Documents and Settings\administrator>DSQUERY COMPUTER -INACTIVE 4 >INACTAOMPS .TXT dsquery failed:The parameter is incorrect.:Windows could not run this query beca use you are connected to a domain that does not support this query. type dsquery /? for help.
  2. Thank you very much guys for the helpful answers .... i'll try them.
  3. Hi everybody, I am newbi in this forum and i am seeking your help to make a recovery partition in my pc like the one in HP desktops, i need the recovery process to be run when i need it befor windows login (not using any CD'd), in my HP desktop it gives me a message to press F11 to enter to the Recovery process, so how can i do this with my PC?

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