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  1. ARS: N9NU | ARRL: VE-OES-AEC | Grid: EN-51 | QTH: Illinois - WoodLake Landing | ICAO: IS65 | Unicom: 122.8MHz

    Gamer Tag:  Reactor-Critical - Since 1997


    Windows 10 Pro 64/Mageia Linux 64/FreeNAS 64 | ASRock X470 Pro Gaming | GSkill DDR4-3400 16GB D/C | AMD Ryzen 7 2700x (AIO Hydro H110i GT)

    Nvidia Titan XP w/ 12GB VRAM | Samsung 970 M.2 1TB PCI-E SSD | Samsung 860 EVO M.2 1TB | Western Digital Velociraptor 600GB x 3

     Thermaltake Chaser ATX Case | Acer 34" 4K LCD 120Hz G-Sync | Saitek X-56 HOTAS FCS | Logitech G502 RGB Proteus Gaming Mouse

     Logitech Z-5500 THX 5.1 Sound System | Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire MK.2

  2. Hi I downloaded a MSDN copy of Windows 7 64 Bit w/SP1 and would like to know what 3rd party program I need that will allow me to slipstream (via a script file) all updates since SP1 was released. I know vLite and nLite are out there and are used with Vista and XP, however, I do not know if they are compatible with Win 7. I would like to download all the updates available, weed out the ones I don't need or want and then slip those along with a few extras (e.g. nVidia 301.24 GPU drivers, AMD chipset drivers, LAN, etc) that are particular to my specific system and burn it to disc in ISO format. Is this possible to do w/o downloading that Win 7 AIK kit from MS?? Tim
  3. n9nu


    Here is another very simple tweak to adjust the size of all the desktop icons at once: Hold down the CTRL key while scrolling (up/down) with your mouse wheel (if ya have one). You will notice that all the icons going from small to large and large to small..depending on the direction of the wheel. Simple and very handy. Tim
  4. I have a system with 8GB of OCZ Reaper X, 2 AMD FX-74 processors, 2 8800 GTX GPU's, 4 WD Raptor 150's in RAID 0 and other top end components. My question is, do I need to have a swap/page setup at all? I been told yes and no. Currently I have it set to the main RAID 0 array (Vista 64) and is 3000MB in size (non expandable). Because I have so much memory, is it a waste to even have this enabled? If it is advised, should it indeed be on the RAID 0 array which is the fastest drive or on my other RAID 0 array for gaming. Tim
  5. Hi I am new to vLite and would like to know before I get started if it is possible to incorporate (append) nvidia graphics drivers and others for my system as well as a small list of programs I use to a Vista 64 Ultimate DVD install with vLite. I have an ISO file already with updates up until December 06 on it and wanted to know if this was possible. I see no need to incorporate SP1 as it is only temporary, although I might try that as well. My main issue is the inclusion of drivers and 3rd party programs (Nero, WinRAR, Diskeeper,etc) Tim
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