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  1. Thx for the quick reply...Im now trying it and I hope that I can integrate it with nlite...
  2. Im planning to create a xp installer with all the updates as of now and since there 90+ updates and i have to download it one by one in the MS download center, is there a way/place that I can download a full packge of all hotfixes and updates? OR there are no other way and I have to download it 1 by 1 at MS DL center? thx
  3. Hello, We just got a new laptop with vista premium in it and it has a lot of freeware which greatly slows down the laptop. I came across this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/Tutorial-Clean-W...ed-t102095.html which allows me to perform a clean vista installation. After reading the thread I found some links which tells me that I can use the 'WAU' folder to replace the Windows Anytime Upgrade DVD or Vista Retail. Here is the procedure taken from http://directedge.us/node/24 I followed the steps but vlite didnt create a bootable dvd for me and I already wasted 5 dvd's and got no results When I checked the DVD made by vlite it contains this files: sources folder, autorun, Last session, and Setup Can anyone point me to the right direction or is it impossible? thx in advance

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