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  1. XP Pro Extended services blank

    just an update, I put the drive in another PC copied the entire drive to another HD Did a restore back to original config and rebuilding all the programs. Kinda a pain but had to do something
  2. I have an XP Pro PC, Application will not start, Services MMC Extended view is blank, no printers, cannot cut and paste, cannot do much of anything. Control panel > Admin Tools > Services I get and empty tab for extended services. It appears that all of the standard services are present (none started) however, & I can not start any of them. Due to the services issue I currently have no copy and paste functions on that machine and the cd/dvd drives are not accessible. No printers I have no programs being listed on my taskbar, yet I can still use [Alt]+[Tab] I found info on regististering DLLs to fix it: regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll and bunch more, all registered fine, no change to the PC Start->Run. Type "sfc /scannow" did nothing Tried Windows Script 5.6 install --Failed to install got a COM install error IE did not work, download IE7 and it will run Dell suggested a reinstall from the Dell disk, but that would wipe out my HD, I can't do that, 100s of GB of data, a fresh install over windows won't work, the version on the PC is newer and it won't let me HELP! Tomorrow morning I will be at the PC and can give more info. Please, Anyone? -David