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  1. Well, I did defragment the disk and run Spybot, but the issue still occurs from time to time. I am thinking of getting a RAM upgrade possibly beefing it up to 768mb, or at least 1gb RAM (if my motherboard supports it) and it should help out. Other than that, Windows XP runs very well on my hardware. I did do a reinstall because of an unrelated issue, and though the icon reloading still happens, I am not planning on having many icons on my desktop anymore, and using the Start Menu for games and such so it should no longer be an issue.
  2. Usually in a Windows XP installation, the My Computer Folder looks like this: The My Computer folder on my computer used to look that way, but recently, it's viewed as a generic folder and the icons are no longer under categorized headings. Is there any way to restore the nicer categorized view? The only thing I installed that could have something to do with it was the Zune Theme which I was using. I switched back to the standard Luna theme, but the odd My Computer folder view still persists. EDIT: I solved the problem by searching a little more aggressively on Google, and should have done that before I posted. Sorry everyone, but that sometimes happens to me.
  3. Hello there. I haven't posted here in awhile, but I want to talk about something I encounter with my Windows XP Pro desktop. Every once in awhile, after doing something memory intensive like web browsing or playing games, something happens to the desktop icons when I open up a folder in Explorer. The icons on the desktop suddenly flash and reappear, but all the icons display a generic application icon (a piece of paper with a program manager window on it) and the icons slowly revert back to their proper icon styles. (Mozilla Firefox logo, Adobe Reader logo, etc) What causes this to happen? Does it somehow reload the icon cache or something? Here are my system specifications Intel Pentium III 1ghz 512mb RAM 160GB Hard Disk ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics Card Windows XP Professional
  4. On my WinXP laptop, I use Windows Movie Maker to create videos for YouTube. Recently however, whenever I try to add titles or credits on a video clip, its unable to show a preview as the files required to make the preview somehow had their permissions changed. The error I got was "A Required Component, Sample1.jpg, was not found." When I tried to access the "Shared" folder in C:/Program Files/Movie Maker, I received an "Access is denied" message. So I use a Linux LiveCD (Knoppix) with NTFS read write support to attempt to view the folder that way, and I was able to access the folder and read the files. I then tried to create a new "Shared" folder by renaming the old one, and transferring the contents of the old "Shared" folder into the new one. I rebooted, and Im now able to go into the Shared folder, but the files themselves (Sample1.jpg, Sample2.jpg, so on) are unreadable. Is there any way to make the files readable, and to change the permissions of the files? I have no idea how they got changed in the first place.
  5. Well, that went well. As soon as I posted my topic, I was able to get Setup to boot after all. I disabled PCI Bus Mastering in the BIOS, and aterwards it started loading up the CD-ROM driver okay! Anyway, I plan to have fun with Win98 again, especially with that Revolutions pack and KernelEx.
  6. Hello there. Im new here, and Im preparing to reinstall Windows 98SE on my old Compaq Presario 7360. Im running into trouble however. Whenever I load up Windows Setup from the CD-ROM, it will start to boot, but my system freezes after it loads up the Oak CD-ROM driver (OAKCDROM.sys). I also tried to boot with a startup floppy and get the same result. Is there a way around this problem? Here are the specs of my system AMD K-6-2 500mhz Processor 192MB RAM Integrated Trident Graphics Chip Integrated ESS-1988 Audio

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