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  1. Hi, I've been running into some problems with windowsXP, Seems that after I slipstream Service Packs into them I loose the F6 fucntion. F6 does work and asks to look for additional controllers, then finds them and allows you to select the disk/partition. But once it starts copying the files to the hard disk for installation, It complains that it can not find the controller card files on the floppy (even though it finds them during the F6 command). Has anyone else run into this? Is there a fix, or is it something I'm just overlooking. Help
  2. one you get this up and running how do you add icons to the destop.. I tried putting files in the \documents and settings\currentuser\desktop but nothing shows up when windows pe boots up.. any idea?
  3. Unfortuneatly this can not be used at the step I need. I wan't to use it to share the Drivers between the distros. This will only work from a batch file I think. anyone else?
  4. Does anyone know if there is a sort of %cdrom% variable that exists during the driver detection PnP. OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\Radeon;Drivers\GForce;" I would like to be able to do this: OemPnPDriversPath="%cdrom%\Drivers\Radeon;%cdrom%\Drivers\GForce;" I made an xp/2000 cd and would like to be able to share the drivers between the 2 distros and save some space.. is this possible?
  5. check out this website: http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/browse.asp?cat=all many useful tips.
  6. I was just copying the DOS folder from the PM8 install, I didn't run a menu. The files were taking up more space I guess. When doing it the wrong way winimage flashes an error and doesnt add all the files. And them I was trying to test it with VirtualPC which complained about the file, but loading it from the cdshell worked. Took me a few tries to figure that one out. thanks for the help..
  7. Just curious as to what method people are using to have a IMA file with partition magic 8. Files are 3.4 megs, and I can only emulate a 2.88 floppy with winimage. so can anyone shed a little info here?
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