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  1. Yah i'm 100% sure. I install Vista with 2GB, then run the 929777 hotfix, shut down, reinstall the other 2GB, and i'm good to go. It's just a real pain that's all. This problem seems to be a conflict with these Dell 680i motherboards, i'm hoping Dell and Microsoft will fix this in the near future. But i'm not holding my breath. Dell doesn't support Vista 64, and i'm not sure if this happens with the 32-bit version cause I haven't tried it yet, but Windows XP, and XP x64 edition work perfectly. So I use XP x64 now, lol. Weird thing is, the version of XP x64 I have is SP1, if I use nlite to integrate SP2, I get BSOD's on install. But if I install regular SP1 version, then patch to SP2, it's fine. I dunno...
  2. Hi, nuhi... I'd love to try something like that, but this is a Dell XPS 720 system, and unfortunately I have no options in the BIOS to raise my voltages. This is PC2-8500 memory, so it's already running 2.2v with EPP/SLI, but I dunno if that matters much or not. Sucks to be hit with a rare problem like this, does this happen with Windows XP x64 too?
  3. Hello, I am running on Vista Home Premium x64, and I have the 4GB problem on my system. I must remove 2 DIMMs to re-install Vista, or I get the BSOD. I just tried the new vLite 1.1 RC with the new hack built in, and it still doesn't resolve the issue on my system. I know i'm doing everything right, which makes me feel like nothing can be done for me. I'm sure you all can imagine how old it gets having to open the case and take out modules everytime I need to re-install. It's cold and dry this time of year too, static electricity is evil.
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