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  1. crahak : If you got something hard to detect, gives it to me keys, i will edit xml file to you, and test if it works well. If not, ... sorry it's not a good tool ;-) But now it's a XML file, later, i will not, be replaces by a easy friendly user interface. ++
  2. yes, i think it's very similiar edit the config.xml or contact me for help you to test & proceed. I think it's a very good example (i have too many compaq with synaps too !)
  3. I forgot ... One of the most advantage of this tool is that it can launch some .vbs file for some old (or no .inf) drivers. It thinks it can really help some cases.
  4. Hi Maybe my tool can help you to resolve this problem. Go there to see it : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30390
  5. hey, sorry for the WIHU ... cause i'm new in the forum. but the secret of the tool is that it uses the WMI classes from .NET it's a standard for asking some informations of a machine in local or on a network. It uses a SQL syntax like : "select * from win32_Video..." Now it's was tested on the nvidia and ATI drivers but it can be uses for SOUND, MASS STORAGE, NETWORK CARD, or others devices (keybords, mouses, modems, etc ...) I makes this because i detect that my geforce was not installed with the new 61.77 forceware, but with the last one, it was ... so that's make me fool. I seek on the net and find some people who have the same troubles. The thing i never understant it's why it doesn't install even if it found the good hardware (ex for my case : it install the nvdia GeForce common driver given by Microsoft) Good information for bad installation. WMI unattended solve the problem. But WMI is a completement from the OEMpnpdriverspath, not the only solution.
  6. Here you can found my post from a tool that i'm creating : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30390 I think it can solve your problems with the nvidia drivers. and i need the help of everybody. Regards, LeCED.
  7. Off course this is a beta and in the next version we can add : - A GUI for editing the config.XML - Some arguments for launching the app. (for unattended XP/CD) - Support for others languages. etc ... Ideas are welcomed ...
  8. Here you can found my post from a tool that i'm creating : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30390 and i need the help of everybody. Regards, LeCED.
  9. Hi, First, sorry for my english ... I created a tool to detect and launch driver's installation program in silent mode It uses the WMI Technology that is use for network administrator The basic rules are : - The tool read the a XML file for getting some infos like * some search keys (exemple : nVidia; GeForce) * a WMI class to look in (exemple : Win32_VideoController) * a setup path (exemple : %Systemdrive%\install\drivers\nvidia\setup.exe * some arguments of the launching setup (exemple : /S) - If the informations (search keys) are corresponding with the hardware detection, it launch the setup. So it's cleary easy. But the project was born from an idea and I'm not sure that is working for all, so I need your tests to be efficient. I made this tool cause i'm boring with all the modification to do on the 'unattended windows xp installation', simply the $OEM$\$1\Drivers doesn't work very well for the international language (apparently nice with english version) And 9 times on 10 i must install (in manual) the nVidia or Ati drivers. That's stupid cause the hardware is well detected by windows. A screenshot that's working with my Matrox G400 Dualhead So if you are interested to help me The beta can be downloaded from here: http://snapmame.planetemu.net/WMIUnattended/bin.rar You must install the framework .net 1.1 (so WMI Unattended can be launch just after on your unattended XP CD/DVD), and so, it *normally* works from 98 to XP without problems. Edit config.XML to put good infos. Don't hesitate to send me your config.XML if it's works nice. Regards, LeCED.

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