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    WIHU not running...

    Hello, I also use a combination of WIHU with Autoit3 this is what I do to patch the MS windows activation: First I put a copy of Autoit3.exe at %system32% so I can run the AU3 scripts from anywhere. ----------------------------------------------- This is the portion of my WIHU ini file: (%CURDIR% is not must) It has nothing special – just to call the script. You can verify if it working by putting a MsgBox command in your autoit script description.5= Activate Windows workdir.5 = %CURDIR%\XpUpdate\WindowsActivation command.5= autoit3 setup.au3 selected.5 = 0 ----------------------------------------------- This is my Autoit script. Within the same directory there is also the file 'WinXPSP2Activator.exe' AutoItSetOption ("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) Run ( "WinXPSP2Activator.exe",@ScriptDir) Sleep (3000) ; this will wait for the patch GUI window and send ENTER WinWaitActive (":?:","",7) Send ("{ENTER}") ; this will wait for the 'Windows Activation Completed' window and send ENTER sleep (6000) WinWaitActive ("Windows","",14) Send ("{ENTER}") sleep (2000)
  2. using %WIHU% sounds good if some installations will not work try using "workdir.x" as well.
  3. You should include a command line options like: WIHU.exe /skipsettings /INI="install.ini" or [GUIRunOnce] %Systemdrive%\install\wihu.exe /INI="install.ini" Another Point, Are the applications in the same folder of WIHU? set the right variable at the ini file
  4. Hello Benjamin, I Wish to enable the Guest account (and show it on thw welcome screen) I figured out I can use the Status.x Command in order to enable the account, but what is the status for Enabled? Where can I find a list of avaliable status? Thanks, Moshe
  5. I don't follow you - please explain
  6. What I wish to do is: start the installation manually (with no timeout), and when all is finished, automatically exit / restart after timeout. I tried playing with "/autoexit" switch but it will abort only on startup of wihu. Is that possible?
  7. (1) About creating non-administrators users: If I look at computer management for the user I created right after the creation (before restart or logon), it's in the Administrators group. After first logon, I checked and it's in the Users group. So I guess it is ok... But I found something else: if your system (mine XP.pro.sp2) is already configured for automatic logon, if you create a new user, and do not mark the checkbox 'Logon user automatically', your current automatic logon is disabled. Perhaps it is better to leave it unchanged?
  8. 1. While creating new users with the GUI interface of WIHU (no INI files at all), I have noticed that the created user is always member of 'Administrators'. That is even if the checkbox of 'Add administrator rights to the new user' isn't marked. 2. When creating new user via Windows Control Panel and choosing "administrator", the new user is member of Administrator and Users. When created with WIHU, the user is member of Administrators only. Is that intended to be that way? Working on WIHU Version:
  9. What about changing the default location for the entire profile. is that possible? I want to set one variable, and all the user shell folders would be under that path
  10. How can I redirect the entire user profile when creating a new user with WIHU? For now I redirect only specific shell folders. This is how I do it: [environment] Personal = D:\Users\%ThisUser%\My Documents My Music = D:\Users\%ThisUser%\My Documents\My Music My Pictures = D:\Users\%ThisUser%\My Documents\My Pictures My Video = D:\Users\%ThisUser%\My Documents\My Video is it not recommended to move the entire profile? I want to do so I can restore a windows partition image without overwriting the users documents & setting.
  11. I've been using WIHU for some months, and I would like to share with you a way of combining WIHU with AUTOIT3 scripts, a way which I found to be very useful for deployment applications. One problem for me is that the INI file of WIHU would become quite large and complicated, and so harder to navigate and maintain. I am using AUTOIT3 as my main scripting language. What I basically did was create a script file to handle each application. The script can handle all the dependencies and decisions, then install the application and when it finish, pass the control back to WIHU. That makes my INI file looks like that: ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [basic] Collapsed = 1 description.0 = WinRar 3.4 workdir.0= %CURDIR%\basic\winrar command.0= autoit3 Setup.au3 selected.0 = 1 description.1 = Acrobat 5 workdir.1= %CURDIR%\basic\Acrobat5 command.1= autoit3 Setup.au3 selected.1 = 0 description.2 = Acroabt 7 workdir.2= %CURDIR%\basic\Acrobat7 command.2= autoit3 Setup.au3 selected.2 = 1 ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Benefits of working that way: @ Keep the INI file simple and small as possible. @Installation of single application is straight and simple – all you have to do is running the script. @Updating the application source setup to a newer version is with fewer hassles – again, you update one simple script, not the INI. @Able to maintain 'sets' of applications (more that one INI file) – now it is easier because the INI need to be updated only for adding / remove applications. If someone would like an example for a AU3 script I will post it -- to Benjamin Kalytta: thank you for this nice peace of software!
  12. From all above replies, what PRATHAPML said is what I am familiar with. notes: 1.the tool to create the “msbatch.inf” file is located on the original win98 CD, but removed from some versions of the Win98 Second edition CD 2. I’ll add that if the win98 setup will be fully unattended only if you have the RETAIL version of win98. Most people own the OEM version. When using this version, even with msbatch.inf in action, the system will hang at the middle of setup, you will need to hit “enter” and than it will continue. 3. Still need to install 98 on multiple machines? Holly s***s!!
  13. Try this link http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=814596 it explains how to setup a s.task from command.
  14. Thanks for your replies, Of course only now I noticed that the full explanation appears at MSFN applications page…
  15. In order to silently install Windows Media V 10 one should use the /Q switch. But if system restore is disabled, a window-message will popup (with the /Q), warning you about that, and asking to continue or cancel the installation. Is someone know how to pass this one?
  16. Put the XX.key file in the same folder where you execuate the program.
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