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  1. Hello all, First off, a "big" thank you to the author(s) for creating such a wonderful program! FYI, I used this beta on SP3 v3311 and it worked flawlessly. So, after selecting only "safe" removals, I was able to reduce my (initial) post install HD usage to a reasonable 565MB (w/pagefile disabled). However, during the preset construction process, I did get a warning that I opted to remove WMP and that it was required for WMM but I just wanted to let everyone know that this situation can be corrected by installing the WMP 11 Runtime Format update after the initial installation is completed. And finally, not seeing that pesky "Security Center" shield is a really beautiful thing! Oh, and please note that my attached presets are based on a 100% Intel System and exclusively on the American/English language and keyboards. Best regards, gus Carefully_Selected_Presets.INI
  2. hello chris b. and daroga, Well I tried it and it worked but I had problems during and after the install; here's what happened: First, the installer informed me that it couldn't find any hard drives so I restarted, pressed F6, and installed them from floppy. Next, I was informed that certain language related DLLs could not be extracted and since I setup nlite to exclude them, I opted to continue. However, once done, I started to recieve a Windows warning that some critical files (not specifically identified) had been replaced by an unknown source and I was asked if I wanted to correct this situation. At this point, I gave up and did a normal reinstall; however, I wonder if thes files were, in fact, related to the 'not yet official' SP3 RC1? Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Thanks, pagroundhog
  3. chris b. and daroga, Thanks for the information! I'll give it a try. Regards, pagroundhog
  4. Hello all, Has anyone had success using nlite to create an updated installation disk for a Dell computer? Right now, I have a Dell OEM SP2 disk and would like to create/merge it with SP3 RC1. Comments and/or suggestions please. Thanks, pagroundhog
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