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  1. just figured i would add to the mix that i have this problem as well of nvidia reporting directx 3. i'm running windows server 2003 enterprise w/sp1 and nvidia forceware 84.21. i have been able to play older games like far cry and command and conquer generals but i just tried the tomb raider legend demo and it crashed to desktop. kinda bums me out because i had the option of installing windows xp pro or server 2003 when building this machine and chose server 2003 because this is primarily a work machine and i will be doing .net development with sqlserver 2005 and figured the server os would be the way to go... i just do casual gaming at work but it would be nice if all games worked natively in server 2003 instead of having to dual boot with xp pro.
  2. i figured it out. as it turns out, i had incorrectly replaced my uxtheme.dll file to an incompatible version. once i got the right file, the themes showed up. it would be nice if the author could update the website (http://win2k3.msfn.org) to include the service pack 1 uxtheme.dll file as well.
  3. hello, i am brand new to windows server 2003. i know all the ins and outs of windows xp (pretty much) but have never used server before. i am trying to enable themes and it is not working. i have followed the guide to make server into a "workstation" here: http://win2k3.msfn.org i have enabled the "Themes" service and set it to automatic and hardware acceleration is set to full on my video card. whenever i try to apply the "Windows XP" theme (luna), it gives me the non-skinned version (similar to classic, but not exactly the same). then when i try to click on the "Appearances" tab in the display properties, it hangs for a moment then closes. all my directx tests work fine. please note that i have installed the uxtheme.dll patch found on the guide i mentioned above. can anyone help me? what else should i be looking for?
  4. well i have given up on the unattended xp cd. after pulling some hair out, i finally broke down and created a floppy disk with the nvidia raid drivers on it and loaded up the original windows xp disk. it saw the raid array as a single drive. from then on, i knew there was something wrong with the drivers on my unattended disk (they are the drivers i extracted from the nforce 6.39 installation package from nvidia.com). so, i tried to replace those drivers on my unattended cd with the ones i had on the floppy disk (which are the ones supplied on my motherboard driver cd). no dice. still shows up as two separate drives. after about 4 hours and 4 cd-r disks now drink coasters, i've given up on my unattended installation on this computer.
  5. i'm baaaaack! so i finally decided to put together my new system. everything powers up, so all hardware is good. i have two seagate sata drives hooked into the nvidia raid ports 1 and 2. i've got all the bios settings setup correctly for raid, and i created a striped array under the nvidia bios setup utility. i then go to the windows setup with my unattended cd (with nvidia drivers loaded). everything seems to load up fine at first, but then when i get to my partition selection screen, i see two drives instead of one (for the striped array). i am guessing there is a problem with my driver integration somehow, but it at least sees the drives, so i know the sata portion of the drivers is working correctly. anybody seen this before or know how to fix it? i'd really like to use raid 0 on this new computer.
  6. i'm bringing up this old topic again because i have the same problem and nobody seems to be able to fix this issue. i've searched the forums for a long time, and i'm assuming there is some registry tweak that has turned this menu off, but i cannot find it. ;Disable Frequently used programs list [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "NoStartMenuMFUprogramsList"=dword:00000000 this does nothing. i've searched my entire regtweaks.reg file and don't see anything that pertains to this issue, but i'm assuming there must be something in there i have overlooked. any ideas?
  7. ok, i removed my scsi virtual disk, made a new one as an ide and everything is fine now. i just never saw the option to make scsi or ide when i first setup the virtual machine. thanks for the help everyone!
  8. i have both of those things going on... why does the guide say to pick win2k if it won't work? also, the virtual disk is a scsi disk. i checked the options, and i do not have an option to make it an ide disk. anyone know why?
  9. i'm trying to test out my unattended cd with vmware and it isn't detecting any hard drives. i set up a 4gb hard drive just like it said in the guide. windows setup says it can't find any hard drives and my only option is to exit setup. please help.
  10. perhaps i didn't explain myself very well... first off, i do have a virtual hard disk setup. it's 4 gb--i followed the vmware setup guide on the main site step for step. secondly, i know that i can't press f6 during setup--that's the exact thing i'm trying to get around with this post. i want this unattended cd to be able to install windows onto my sata raid 0 setup when i get my new computer without needing a floppy drive/disk. i said i wasn't sure if anything was supposed to happen there--is it supposed to say "NVIDIA RAID Detected" or something? you say that vmware emulates hardware, but i didn't see any options that says you can pick specific motherboards/processors/memory/whatever. so in retrospect, there is no way to test whether or not nvidia raid works unless it is being tested on real hardware.
  11. i just found out about this unattended stuff, and it looks awesome. i read as much as i could and i wanted to try it out for a new system i'm getting. it's going to be a gigabyte nforce4 sli motherboard. i tried creating an unattended iso using the method shown in this thread for installing onto what will be a raid 0 sata array. i tried my iso using vmware as was shown in the main guide on the site, and i ran into a problem. it seemed to bypass the f6 for floppy disk, not sure if it was supposed to say anything there or not... then when it got time to select the partition, i got the screen that says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer". now is this because my unattended cd doesn't work, or because it's on a virtual computer, or because my current computer i'm testing on doesn't have sata hard drives or a raid array? please help!
  12. Nevermind, I found it. If you delete this key in the registry, the Appearance menu is gone: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{616c1f06-bad8-11d2-b355-00104b642749}
  13. I was searching the net for ways to customize the context menu and stumbled upon this forum. I must say that there is a lot of info on here and I've learned quite a bit about how context menus work. So here's the deal... I'm running WinXP and I have MicroAngelo 5.5 installed. It installs an option in the explorer context menu called "Appearance" which allows you to change the icon displayed for any file or folder. How do I remove this option? I've looked in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT->*->shellex->ContextMenuHandlers but there are no keys there associated with MicroAngelo. I did see one key called "{616c1f06-bad8-11d2-b355-00104b642749}", but I do not think that is associated with MicroAngelo because I tried to disable it (by putting a dash in front of it) and the Appearance option still showed up. I'm guessing it is more complicated than just being in one place in the registry because not only can you get the Appearance context menu item by right clicking files or folders, but also icons in the Start Menu and icons that aren't really files or folders (My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.). If anyone has any information, please let me know. Thanks.

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