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  1. hi

    need an script to re arrange word in maximum possible way and give them in output in text file with any number word i give in vb script


    example this is max sequence of this 3 word "Command utility text" i want put them in vb script and its generate all possible combined order

    Command utility text

    Command text utility

    utility Command text

    utility text Command

    text utility Command

    text Command utility


    thanks so much




  2. 40 minutes ago, jaclaz said:

    WHICH software?

    (the page you linked to sports several softwares)

    I believe you mean Simple Software Restriction Policy:


    What happens if you manually click OK on that popup window?

    The idea should be that the program cannot be executed, once through the mentioned program (or directly by Group Policy) access is prevented, so that is just an information, by clicking OK the program is not executed anyway.

    There are tens of programs capable to click automatically on a button, example:



    And there is also a "default" setting in registry (cannt say if it applies specifically and/or if this is what you actually are looking for):


    thank you very much for replay.

    yes i am talking about Simple Software Restriction Policy.

    i know the idea of Simple Software Restriction Policy and what is doing

    but i want make that similar popup silent

    about clickoff the idea is what i want but it detect window by its title so if that title different it is can not catch it.

    also according to raymond.cc i found this  which is similar to clickoff but more advanced

    i try the button capture feature but it was enable to extract window information.so it do the same way as  clickoff.

    msdn link seems affect on the other messages

  3. hi

    i need help on config,i know how make an installer , but just for installing in one location example programfiles.

    i have some other file in my 7z archive, i want copy some of them to windows folder and some in system32 folder and some of them programfiles dyring installing.is this possible?if so, please help on this config



  4. first if you can do not change name keep it nlite because the name is famous already :)

    so if user want add xp source to new version nlite open web page to download xp version

    so no need to change name :)

    and if it have free and pro it become nlite Free after registration become nlite Pro

    nliteos not bad because its same as domain

    then if you dont want above, WLite= Windows Lite because it all about Windows

  5. hello

    i go to my win7 and install AOMEI Partition Assistant then open program in a Disk & Partition Wizard

    section i choice Create Bootable CD Wizard and finally create an iso image.

    now i have usb ntfs filesystem.and i dont want delete anything on that.

    can i put iso file in my usb and boot it with this way?

    if yes can you please tell me how make it work in very easy step way.


  6. nirsoft provide small,useful,easy to use software thanks jaclaz

    thanks bphlpt for Black Viper's x86 XP SP3 link

    This is All My Need that nircmd solved my problem

    save it in *.cmd

    :: Pause Telephony Service ::

    nircmdc service pause TapiSrv

    :: Start And Enable DNS Client Service ::

    nircmdc service auto Dnscache

    nircmdc service start Dnscache

    ::flushed the DNS Resolver Cache::

    ::And if Start And Enable DNS Client::

    ::Service worked you get this info::

    ::Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.::

    ipconfig /flushdns

    :: Stop And Disable DNS Client Service ::

    nircmdc service stop Dnscache

    nircmdc service disabled Dnscache

  7. Thank you very much jaclaz. that great and easy to use

    i maked cmd file and put below line on it.

    this a for pause Telephony service.

    nircmdc service pause TapiSrv

    this for DNS Client

    service start Dnscache

    EveryBody need to know what is it best state of service,see below link


    also see below for service name to uset with nircmd

    ServiceName DisplayName

    ----------- -----------

    Alerter Alerter

    ALG Application Layer Gateway Service

    AppMgmt Application Management

    aspnet_state ASP.NET State Service

    AudioSrv Windows Audio

    BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service

    Browser Computer Browser

    CiSvc Indexing Service

    ClipSrv ClipBook

    clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32 .NET Runtime Optimization Service v2.0.50727_X86

    COMSysApp COM+ System Application

    CryptSvc Cryptographic Services

    DcomLaunch DCOM Server Process Launcher

    Dhcp DHCP Client

    dmadmin Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

    dmserver Logical Disk Manager

    Dnscache DNS Client

    DynDNS Updater DynDNS Updater

    ERSvc Error Reporting Service

    Eventlog Event Log

    EventSystem COM+ Event System

    FastUserSwitchingCompatibility Fast User Switching Compatibility

    FontCache3.0.0.0 Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache

    helpsvc Help and Support

    HidServ Human Interface Device Access

    hpdj hpdj

    hpdj3500 hpdj3500


    idsvc Windows CardSpace

    ImapiService IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

    lanmanserver Server

    lanmanworkstation Workstation

    LmHosts TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

    MDM Machine Debug Manager

    Messenger Messenger

    mnmsrvc NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

    MSDTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator

    MSIServer Windows Installer

    NetDDE Network DDE

    NetDDEdsdm Network DDE DSDM

    Netlogon Net Logon

    Netman Network Connections

    NetTcpPortSharing Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service

    Nla Network Location Awareness (NLA)

    nlsvc NetLimiter

    NtLmSsp NT LM Security Support Provider

    NtmsSvc Removable Storage

    ose Office Source Engine

    PlugPlay Plug and Play

    PolicyAgent IPSEC Services

    ProtectedStorage Protected Storage

    RasAuto Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

    RasMan Remote Access Connection Manager

    RDSessMgr Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

    RemoteAccess Routing and Remote Access

    RemoteRegistry Remote Registry

    rpcapd Remote Packet Capture Protocol v.0 (experimental)

    RpcLocator Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

    RpcSs Remote Procedure Call (RPC)


    SamSs Security Accounts Manager

    SCardSvr Smart Card

    Schedule Task Scheduler

    seclogon Secondary Logon

    SENS System Event Notification

    SharedAccess Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

    ShellHWDetection Shell Hardware Detection

    Spooler Print Spooler

    srservice System Restore Service

    SSDPSRV SSDP Discovery Service

    stisvc Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

    SwPrv MS Software Shadow Copy Provider

    SysmonLog Performance Logs and Alerts

    TapiSrv Telephony

    TermService Terminal Services

    Themes Themes

    TlntSvr Telnet

    TrkWks Distributed Link Tracking Client

    upnphost Universal Plug and Play Device Host

    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    VSS Volume Shadow Copy

    W32Time Windows Time

    WebClient WebClient

    winmgmt Windows Management Instrumentation

    WmdmPmSN Portable Media Serial Number Service

    Wmi Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions

    WmiApSrv WMI Performance Adapter

    wscsvc Security Center

    wuauserv Automatic Updates

    WZCSVC Wireless Zero Configuration

    xmlprov Network Provisioning Service

  8. I'm not sure that you understood the point I was making so I'll try to put it a different way.

    You are asking for a script which can stop a service, not a specific service but one or several

    of your choice at a time or times of your choosing and from either the desktop or start up location.

    It must also be able to start services, pause services and resume them too.

    In order for your script to be able to take a Service or Display Name of your choosing (as input),

    enumerate its state and start up settings, and present them for you in a manner for you to customise

    to your liking

    frist thanks for response and help me sory my english no so good

    in my system must service disaled.

    yes but i want do it with seprate script

    example for DNS Client,it always disabled and stopped in my system.so we know state of it

    then i need scritp to enable and start it.

    then need another script to disable and stop it.

    and another one is a Telephony service that is always in manual and strated sate in my pc.

    even if i pause it,that started on next pc boot.

    so i want just make one another one script to pause it then put it in my startup folder

    and i know if disable some service like Telephony or DHCP Client that cause prblem

    like acquire internet connection address error.so we know waht servive we need and state of that

    In order for your script to be able to take a Service or Display Name of your choosing (as input),

    enumerate its state and start up settings, and present them for you in a manner for you to customise

    to your liking. It would need to be interactive, (it would have to be in a question and answer format).

    To do this it could be a basic question with written answer format or a more elaborate GUI with drop down boxes or toggles.

    so that mean when i launch script its get service name

    then that ask me waht to do?its not bad but i thinks scripting this get alot time.

    but if we know name and state of servive i choice frist method

    In order to perform the changes your script would need to be able to determine whether or not your chosen

    service is capable of starting, stopping or pausing or resuming, (and has actually done so if chosen).

    It would need to check for dependencies which may be affected by or may themselves affect the selection you've chosen.

    To have a non interactive method would mean creating separate scripts for each task you want to perform,

    and since there are already methods of doing this using NET.EXE or SC.EXE you may be just as well advised

    creating small batch files than vb scripts using WMI.

    also batch file not bad but in hiden mode or scripting using WMI not bad.

    also what about

    vbs script to put below registry in a vbs file and silently Apply To the registry

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer\WideAlbum\(Default Album)]


  9. Hello,

    about manage i say that i need change state of service to ,automatic,Manual,Disabled,Start,Stop,Pause,Resume

    i know about 'services.msc' .but i want vbs script to put in startup to run it from there. also i take less time to manage windows servive

    also i stopped DNS Client service but some time i need to use ipconfig /flushdns command

    so this service must be started.so i need vbs script to start this service from desktop then from cmd use the command

    then run script to stop again this service

    also i need to pause Telephony service on startup.

    so i dont want use gui like 'services.msc'


  10. hi


    ======== SFXMaker Debugging File =======


    ============== Enviroment ==============

    Operating System : Microsft Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Processor Arch : X64

    OS Lang and KB Layout : 0409

    Generated by SFXMaker 1.3 Beta at 05.01.2012 16:07:45


    =============== Language ===============

    Lang File : English

    Lang Lines : 123

    Language file loaded successfully.


    ================== GUI =================

    GUI created successfully.

    Tab created successfully.

    Standalone Installer Tab Items created successfully.

    Directory Tab Items created successfully.

    Output Installer controls created successfully.

    Other controls created successfully.

  11. please read this


    Create a shortcut to unpacked file.

    DestType is one character wide field, which can have the following values:

    D Create a shortcut on Desktop
    S Create a shortcut in Start Menu
    P Create a shortcut in Start Menu/Programs
    T Create a shortcut in Startup folder

    SrcName is a name of archived file.

    DestFolder is a folder to create a shortcut in. If it does not exist, it will be created by SFX archive.

    Description is a text string describing a shortcut.

    ShortcutName is a name of .lnk (shortcut) file created by SFX.

    ShortcutIcon is a name of icon file associated with shortcut. If you omit this parameter, the default icon will be used. If icon file name does not contain the full path, SFX archive will search the icon file in folder containing unpacked files.

    All parameters are separated by commas. If you need to put a comma character inside of parameter, enclose the whole parameter to quotes. Repeat quotes twice if you need to insert a quote mark into string. Only DestType and SrcName are required, other parameters are optional.

    Create a shortcut in folder WinRAR on Desktop to archived file winrar.exe with the description "WinRAR executable file", name "WinRAR archiver" and icon winrar.ico:

    Shortcut=D, winrar.exe, WinRAR, "WinRAR executable file", "WinRAR archiver", winrar.ico

  12. Hello

    need your help on Access for Formula

    how can make formula for finding total MB used from Send To User and Receive From User

    From this Specified date start 2010/12/02 1:00:00 finish 2010/12/05 6:58:00

    and Conversely evrey mg used Except this time start 2010/12/02 1:00:00 finish 2010/12/05 6:58:00

    TotalMB Send To User+Receive From User AT Specified date start 2010/12/02 1:00:00 finish 2010/12/05 6:58:00

    So if you can making it on Access please

    please see attachmentHello.rar

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