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  1. hi i have XPSP3 integrated. when installing just that with nlite options - it works ok when integrating the latest ryanvm post sp3 update pack, when it comes to the 1st time of restarting windows, instead, i get an error about missing ntdll.dll and the installation is stuck for good. has anyone else encountered this problem? thanks
  2. i dont know why u think that, fact is that once he said he wont deal with it, i didnt agree with it but i said that he calls the shots. and now i understand that since i didnt pay for nlite, i shouldnt write topics about problems i've encountered. fine with me.
  3. hi as u can see from the original topic, the issue was closed and i concluded the issue with the remark that nuhi is the one to call the shots regarding if and how to solve this issue, but then a "new" guy came along and started accusing me with false accusations and only then the thread was locked. it felt a bit not decent, but hey, i will survive. last thing, notice this thread doesnt ask why the original was locked so i didnt disobey the rule u pasted here all i wanted was to show my gratitude to some people here.
  4. HI just wanted to say thanks for a really helping forum and the welcoming faces i saw here. not only i reported a bug and got an insulting response for that by the developer himself i was also accused of piracy (which is NOT true), and to add more to that, the topic was locked so i couldnt even explain myself. so i got insulted, accused, judged and executed by someone here which i dont know with the kind help of the developer. weird, i never thought a developer wouldnt care about his own application throwing out warning messages and instead of understanding the situation prefers to insult the user for wasting his time. way to go nuhi! gold medal goes to u! and for u, the one that calls himself 5eraph here: if it's hard for u to understand, even simple things, don't be shy, simply ask, instead of jumping to wrong conclusions while accusing people for something they didnt do and then run to the developer to lock the topic. this is the original topic i was talking about: http://www.msfn.org/board/nliteoscmd-not-found-t121726.html and i wonder for how long will this topic last until it is locked or deleted as i mentioned, it is a really friendly forum here... at least there are some good and helping people like happy dude here - THANKS happy dude i wish the others were at least like you. sorry to say, they arent.
  5. so many mis-conclusions - amazing no - its not illegal no - its not warez even MS itself confirms my version each time im using windows update. r u sure i shouldnt slipstream sp3 into sp2? well, XP supports that very well, the warning comes from nlite, not XP. i never heard of an application that asks u to uninstall its previous update before applying a new one, did u? for sure XP doesnt asks for it, it seems to be a "requirement" of nlite. i think nlite has a problem in this situation but since im not the developer of nlite, i wont argue with nuhi. i said what i had to say and he is the one to call the shots, if he prefers not to take care of this situation, so be it.
  6. well, its your app after all. if someone nlited xp -> xpsp2 (and put nlite.cmd as part of the process) and then nlited xpsp2 -> xpsp3 (without the need of nlite.cmd) and the above generates a problem that gives the user a popup message with a warning and still u think this is ok, i wont argue with u even though i find it weird to consider a warning message that shouldnt appear as "not a bug" to happy dude: my problem is that my xp is old and requires activation while my xpsp2 is newer and doesnt need an activation so i prefer to use the xpsp2 version.
  7. i wrote here to nuhi about the steps i have made and there might be a bug related to nlite.cmd file but since this msg, everyone got silence
  8. what this silence is all about?
  9. i dont understand your aggresive reply when it is obvious i didnt understand where u wanted me to look for this file i remember u didnt understand something i wrote u in a PM and i just explained again without some additional remarks that worth nothing yes there is such file, which might just confirms what i wrote in my "wasting your time" post
  10. there is nlite.cm_ file in I386 on the slipstreamed cd i created i pasted the session ini in a PM i sent u few days ago all i do is slipstream SP3 (nlite asks for a permission to remove hotfixes and i allow it to do so) and made some changes in the explorer environment (details view, small icons and such). i didnt remove components and didnt ask to install anything after the windows installation is over i did put some info in the key and workgroup and defined administrator to log on automatically what do u mean: Unattended - Runonce? this might explain things. perhaps the previous nlite cd (xpsp2) did need nlite.cmd while the new cd (xpsp3), doesnt need it but still it looks for it because of leftovers from the previous nlite version (xpsp2) ?
  11. Start from scratch, best thing to do. (Old version left a messed up nliteos.cmd file. New version didn't correct the messed up version. --> Start from scratch = fresh new, fixed nliteos.cmd file.) Ok sorry to say it didnt work. i now must add that the xp i start from is NLite version with SP2 and now i slipstream sp3 into it. the process itself seems to work ok, except for that msg i put here saying nlite.cmd cannot be found so isnt there a way to nlite a version which was already nlited?
  12. mm... is there a newer version than 1.4.8? where can i download it?
  13. ~~Now that sounded a bit mean/ judgmental ... I was actually just trying to help (no, like, really) when no one was getting back to you ... I was even hoping for you to get back to us sooner (I checked back at this thread soo many times during work today; yeah, I was part bored, part waiting) . Alright, now seriously, I have no clue what's wrong (never did in the beginning). I was only trying to get you some steps to solve the problem, as in I was trying to get the problem not to appear at all by doing a new install/ iso. (You didn't say whether you used a new source or old source for this, so I'm hoping you used a new source, fresh from the disk.) What I suggest now: PM nuhi about this problem (hopefully he won't mind); he's the developer for the program. OR wait for more experienced users to get back to you. --About the workgroup issue: since you didn't put one in the unattended sets, it probably came out as blank for you (which is what happened, right ?) All you have to do is (when the prompt comes or in nLite) put in the default: "MSHOME" for Windows XP (its MSHOME without the "") --> no need for domain, workgroup should do just fine. That is unless you have some Vista machines, if so, check out this page: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727037.aspx --> Tells about printer sharing and MSHOME versus WORKGROUP . --And whether or not the new nLite version solved the problem or not; yeah, it was worth the try ... Well ... I guess now all you can do is wait for more experienced users to get back to you. Sorry I wasn't much of a help ... P.S.-- I do hope that you did in fact start all over again, with copying fresh XP files and stuff. If not, do that. **VirtualBox is great, right? Yeah, it had the same --Wow-- effect on me too . At least now you are able to test stuff/ play around with Virtual OSes now, right ... ? i was sarcastic, perhaps too sarcastic, i apologize if i insulted u in any way i will fill out the workgroup and i will PM to nuhi hopefully he will reply soon. allot of ppl read my msg and didnt reply so i guess my problem left ppl speechless to be honest i didnt try nlite from scratch, but since the error is related to nlite processing and not windows installation process i will wait for nohi's reply about it before trying anything else thank you for your time and wanting to help and with bearing my sarcasm
  14. i know what u tried to achieve 1) gave me some homework to make me quiet 2) asked for an update to make sure i really did homework before i continue to complain so i think i got back sooner than u expected and here are few things: 1) thanks for the VirtualBox - im in love 2) it asked me for a workgroup. sth it didnt ask in my previous installation. looking inside nlite settings, this data is missing, only computer name was filled by me so here is my first Q: do i need to enter also the workgroup and domain name? my computer is a standalone and is connected to the internet using a dialer (ADSL). so what should it be? 3) guess what? problem's still here and i even have an image of it, attached, just for u, did u really think 1.4.8 will solve it? i didnt, since there were no fixes related to this problem between 1.4.5 and 1.4.8 but i guess it worth a shot now be honest with me, arent u just proud of me?
  15. no one knows? no one encountered this problem? what about the developer itself? he must have an idea or a suggestion what might cause this i found NLITE.CM_ under :\I386 (so mayb the missing file was nlite.cmd that was missing? now im not sure) in the installation disc i dont have a VM to try thank you for your replies
  16. ok doing nothing didnt help do u have another idea? thanks
  17. if no one can help me where can i find help regarding this issue? thanks
  18. i tried to search the forum but didnt find anything after installing everything and the desktop appears for the first time, i also got a message saying it cant find c:\windows\system32\nliteos.cmd in general it seems nlite did everything including the small tweaks i set it to do but still im sure this file is vital what happens? i used version 1.4.5 to make the iso thanks
  19. hi when i defined the nlite disc i set an administrator user and set it to log in automatically now i want to add 3 users and have the welcome screen but i couldnt get to it. i defined the 3 accounts (2 admin + 1 limited) i set it to show the welcome screen but still the administrator user automatically logging in. i tried to delete the administrator user but couldnt find how through the user itself i cant, and i couldnt find a way to login using the other users please advice
  20. emailaya

    tcp/ip patch

    thank you very much i will set it on 75 then
  21. emailaya

    tcp/ip patch

    thank you for the link it's a year and a half old, im using xp sp2 + all critical updates since r u sure its ok? about my other questions can the error cause a restart of my computer? to how many connections do u suggest i should patch it? thanks
  22. thanks allot for the help so "All you need to have all frameworks and updates to them is .net 1.1, 1.1 sp1, and .net framework 3.5." it is
  23. emailaya

    tcp/ip patch

    hi i installed a new nlite installation of my xp i dont know why but i didnt patch the tcp/ip so it has the value of 10 (default) i read: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=267665 and i do get the following error in the event viewer http://www.i-like-pie.com/neowin/tcpiperr.jpg few questions plz: 1) can this error cause a restart of my computer? 2) should i patch the tcp/ip? 3) if so, for how many connections? 4) if so, how can i do it if XP is already installed? thanks allot for your help
  24. im mayb slow so bear with me u said: "All you need to have all frameworks and updates to them is .net 1.1, 1.1 sp1, and .net framework 3.5." but then u said: "3.5 contains 2 sp1 and 3 sp1" 3.5 contains 2sp1 and 3sp1, but does it contain 2 and 3 (without their sp) ?

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