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  1. Thanks dkl42. I actually forgot about the free images M$ has available. I stopped using VPC and opted for VirtualBox when testing unattended installs of XP because it runs so much faster. I'll give your suggestion a try, since I don't need to do as many tests with my Office builds as I do with my XP builds.
  2. I understand. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Finally got a chance to try your work mara-, and I am very pleased. Thanks for your contribution . Here's my report; Tested Slipstreamer v1.7 Beta 5 on my home PC - XP Pro SP3 with my OEM version of Office XP - SBE and selected the setup.exe directly from the CD, choose a destination and made sure the M$ Office Interop Infopath Semitrust dll option was checked (I don't what it is for, but it doesn't sound harmful.). I selected OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu.exe (from M$) and used a hotpack called SOI_Office10_PostSP3_HotPack_enu_0817.7z. which can be found here. (from another forum that is currently down due to hosting problems - I'll post a link to the forum topic (if you think it is needed) when the site is back up.). See the attached (renamed) log for details. Selected Start and let it go. After about 45 minutes it was complete - no errors, great . Selected Create ISO and got an ISO the same size as my original source, wow . Used VirtualBox 1.6.4 and an already activated Virtual Machine with XP Pro SP2 to do a custom install using the ISO just created. I don't use Publisher and I disable the speech settings under Excel and Shared Components. Checked OU - no updates . Checked MU -KB885884 needed, which is a XP Pro SP2 issue. All this brings me to a suggestion and a couple of questions. Suggestion: Why not make the Create ISO a simple check box option and eliminate the "which button do I push 1st" problem? Questions: 1. What does the M$ Office Interop Infopath Semitrust dll option do? (to lazy right now to do the research) 2. (and more importantly) I had quite some trouble trying to test my ISO because the VM is old (April 08) and I needed all kinds of OS updates. I updated to SP3 and for some reason lost my OS activation. Luckily I had a backup and only updated SP2 stuff afterwards, activated Office and then was able to check OU and MU. Is there a way to check for OU and/or MU updates without having the product activated? I still need to test an unattended install of Office (if it can be done with a OEM version). removed log file
  4. See this post: http://siginetsoftware.com/forum/showpost....mp;postcount=46 I'll make the same offer here, if it helps.
  5. Okay, I'm having a hard time figuring this out. I have MS Office XP - Small Business Edition. Will your slipstreamer work with my edition? I suspect not (because from what I read on the Guide I need Office XP Professional), but I figured I'd ask.
  6. Could someone fix the second link in the third reply (Bezalel's), please? Or am I correct in finding the page no longer exists? Where could it have gone? What is the correct link? Or is it irrelevant now? Questions, questions, questions...