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  1. Thanks for your continued support, Kelsenellenelvian. Just curious, would it be possible to expand the .th_ file, edit it using notepad and change the default wallpaper in the .theme file then recompress the file and place it back into the proper folder for the installation, would that work? and if so, how would I recompress the file? does the makecab command place the file as a .cab? or as a .th_ file? Thanks again for the help, Aylen
  2. It was my original idea and just wanted confirmation that it would work! Now I know Now I just have to make one of the themes the default theme instead of the Luna theme... I'll have to look in the WINNT.sif file and see if I can change the default theme in there, I think thats where it is located, if I'm right. And do you know off hand if there was a way to make a certain wallpaper the default wallpaper when Windows loads up? is it a reg entry or can I do it durring the setup? I'm going top peak around first to see if I can figure it out... Thanks again! Aylen
  3. Hey guys, Just an update... I went into the txtsetup.sif file from the custom cd and copied all the lines from the file into the xp installation txtsetup.sif I want to use, then copied the folder with the files needed into the i386 folder and added the patched uxtheme.dll to the install folder and created the iso and ran it using virtualbox and... *drum roll please* The themes were installed and working! Now I just have to figure out how to set the default theme! Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks again, Aylen
  4. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian, I'll have to try it when I get home tonight. Aylen
  5. Thanks all, I'll have to have a look when I get home. Appricate it! Aylen
  6. Thanks for the response Kelsenellenelvian, The themes arn't in any cab files, they're in the .dl_ , .ms_ and .th_ formats that looks like the txtsetup.sif file is controlling. Here is a photo of the directory for the themes: http://ca.geocities.com/kwauthier@rogers.com/dir1.JPG Then inside each folder, there is a .ms_ file and the associated shell folder, as shown in the following photo: http://ca.geocities.com/kwauthier@rogers.com/dir2.JPG Thanks again for any help given! Aylen
  7. Hey everyone, I've been looking into my own question and looks like some of the theme files on the custom cd I was given are being copied to the hdd using the txtsetup.sif file (attached to post). Now, I am not sure exactly how I can do this however I am thinking that I only need to copy and paste the lines that mention the themes into a new txtsetup.sif file ( http://ca.geocities.com/kwauthier@rogers.com/TXTSETUP.txt )under the appropriate category. Am I correct in this assumption or are there other files I need to copy as well? Such as dll files (patched uxtheme.dll)? The themes are located in x:\I386\NLVST folder, already compressed. What I have done in the past was just copied the folder into a new install folder to use with nlite, however when I created the iso and ran it with virtualbox, it said it was missing files or the theme just couldn't be applied and looked like the windows 98 classic theme. I appologise for the long post, but this is just one step to making my own custom Disk. I appreciate any help that is given in advance, Aylen
  8. Great job man!!! Just curious though, if you could add 1 other? I'm having a hard time implementing Norton AV Coorporate. Thanks and keep up the great work! Aylen
  9. Just curious to know, If there was an error that the install of XP couldn't copy a file, is it stored in a log file? As an example, Windows cannot copy x.dll, Press Esc to skip file and continue install. And if so, where would it be stored? Thanks, Aylen
  10. Thanks for your reply NaDer_GenKO, My uxtheme.dll is patched, however the copied shellstyle.dll file did not take effect while logged into windows, so I guess my question is, do I have to replace the shellstyle.dll in the luna theme from the command prompt before booting into windows? Thanks again, Aylen
  11. Hey all, I've been reading around on different websites and downloaded a few test Shells to change my theme, my problem is I can't seem to implement them and getting them to work. Do I have to create a .msstyle file to get it to work, or can I not just replace the shellstyle.dll under the Luna theme with the new shell? Or can I replace the Luna theme shellstyle file with the one I downloaded through command prompt when I restart my computer? Thanks for any help anyone can give me! Aylen
  12. http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-Theme...664#entry730664 I guess the above post should've gone here. sorry everyone could someone help me out with the above topic?
  13. Just wanted to say greetings to all the members on this forum and thank you for offering your free time to help others! Keep up the great work!
  14. Hey all, I have a couple of questions... I was given a copy of a custom made windows xp cd which works with my serial number. Its a basic cd, no drivers, a few great programs, and some themes I like. 1) How can I extract the themes and incorporate them into a custom made cd of my own (yes, I am using nLite). I've tried copying them out of the cd into the same folder on my hard drive and tested the cd (using Virtualbox). I see the files being copied over, but unable to use them. 2) How can I extract the programs into the custom cd as well? The files are in .CAB format which I know is a compression program. I tried doing the samething and they don't seem to copy over. 3) Last question, in order to use the new themes (once figured how to incorporate them), do I have to somehow install the patched uxtheme.dll? Even suggestions of programs to allow me to do this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advane for anyone who can help! Aylen

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