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  1. i am interested in changing the fonts on xp setup screens but could only find this reference that helped much at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/70/ i imagine there is more...the web is a vast place. however, the instructions state that two files in the I386 directory need to be edited, but do not say how. these files are hivesft.inf and txtsetup.sif using the code for the fonts tahoma and arial as a guide, i inserted lines for the font i wanted to try. it is the morpheus font. i ended up inserting the following lines in the two files and then followed the procedure outlined at the link above. i used a text editor with numbered lines for line location, it is not part of the code. for hivesft.inf LINE# 1278 HKLM,"Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts","%morpheus%",,"MORPHEUs.TTF" 3353 morpheus = "Morpheus (TrueType)" for txtsetup.sif LINE# 5442 morpheus.ttf = 100,,,,,,,22,0,0,,1,22 13983 morpheus.ttf = 16 15553 "Morpheus (TrueType)" = MORPHEUS.TTF the line numbers are not absolute, i beleive. they guide you to the parts of the files where the various lines of code for the font should be added. i included the morpheus font in the install by putting the font in the I386 folder in a compressed form, morpheus.tt_ to create the compressed font i copied it to my c:\ drive and from a c:\> command prompt typed, makecab morpheus.ttf this should create a file named morpheus.tt_ on the c:\ drive. then copy it into the I386 directory of your install package. i hope this information is usefull and not redundant. urg
  2. i don't think this program works.seems to mess up winntbbu.dll for me. so waht's the big deal with changing font colors anyhows?? just a little hex editor and little guide is all we be needin'...
  3. http://www.oszone.net/user_img/050224181558/bbucolor.exe
  4. hi folks, can anyone assist me with this? i'm attempting to customize xp install screens and reading the instructions at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/71/ and the related link on working with compressed files at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/16/. my problem is the instructions say to work with winntbbu.dll in resedit or resource tuner. should it not be with winntbbu.dl_ instead? what is the purpose of using expand to create the winntbbu.dl_ file? and makecab to re compress it into winntbbu.dll? thank you for the help urg
  5. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Auslogics Disk Degragmenter
  6. sandboxie switch

    thanks for the linkage. i'm relativly new at this and did not know to look for installer type when looking for switches. i will see if sandboxie is nsis. and yes, i do a fair bit of research. thanks again
  7. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    thank you for the post. are these addons configured for silent install?
  8. sandboxie switch

    can someone enlighten me regarding a switch for a silent install of sandboxie. thank you