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  1. If someone could help me out with locating the oemscan addons for the integrator I would really appreciate it. The link for the older 1.4.1 are down and I could really use them for my work at a computer store. I think it would definately be helpful to others to have an addon, even if it didn't have the bios files in there and just a place to put them with the bios file name for simplicity sake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've searched and tried to find the manual which looks like it isn't complete and I can not figure out how to use the advanced winnt.sif feature in powerpacker. I work at a computer store and I am attempting to create a multi-boot disc that will include: XP Home OEM - Original / OEM Scan version w/ driver packs / Original w/ driver packs (which will require a diff key) XP Pro - Ditto above versions XP Pro Corporate w/ driver packs if possible I have been using rvm integrator and then trying to use powerpacker. I have made a seperate folder for the different winnt.sif files. I figured I'd need 3 different xp folders on my computer, home oem, pro oem, corporate & then just use the advanced feature of winnt.sif files to adjust what happens to those folders. Can you tell me what steps to take to make that happen? Also, under the main tab can you tell me what the custom pack name is for (is that only for driver packs) or is that for something different - same for tri-pack - what would that be used for? Thanks, Troy