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  1. Hey Fernando, hows it going? Well its been a few days now since installing with the slipstreamed Gigabyte drivers. I'm not liking how my computer has turned out though! I seem to get these random system stutters now, on desktop mainly. My mouse and system stops and starts with 1 second delays in between. This can last for about 6 seconds then it will stop. Sometimes i can recreate the issue by opening up random applications, like Firefox. Or entering my hard-drive. I've noticed when these stutters occur, with every stutter, my HDD light blinks! I also observed task-manager during the issue and it seemed my CPU usage would spike up to 50% when each stutter occured, even with no applications running! I don't know what's causing it. To be honest, i think it may be some kind of driver conflict or something, i don't know. I had a lot of 'Unknown devices' and yellow exclamation marks in device-manager for a while after installing all the essential device drivers, this has never happened before aftere a format. Another problem i worried about is perhaps an actual hardware fault? During this whole slipstream/SATA installation (Spanning over a week and a half) i was switching my PC on and off a lot, including the power at the back, so that i could switch cables around etc. Did a lot of resets and a lot of Bios fiddling. Was wondering if this could have damaged my hardware in the process, causing these issues? I'm thinking about re-formatting again, this time being more careful during the device-update process etc, just wanted your advice beforehand in case its not necessary. Another format is not a problem, so dont worry about that. Cheers.
  2. Some ATI cards need the drivers 2 times.Try the following: 1. Right click onto the unknown PCI device. 2. Hit the "update driver software" option. 3. Point to the Omega driver again. After the driver install the yellow mark and the "Unknows PCI Device" hopefully will be eliminated and you will get 2 graphics adapter entries. That looks fine.CU Fernando Thanks buddy, ill let you know how i get on later today. 3:36AM here, just got in from work.
  3. Everything seems to be fine.The MS and the JM36X Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controllers are managing your enabled native IDE ports (unused or for example connected with your optical drives), whereas the GIGABYTE GBB36X Controller manages the S-ATA hdd connected JMicron SATA AHCI Controller. Have an additional look into the "disk drives" section of the device manager (name and properties of the hdd). Your system is missing a driver (HDAudio?). Do a right click onto the unknown PCI device and check the details (Hardware ID). Hey Fernando, Thanks for quick reply. I think i've discovered what the 'Unknown Device' is now. It says location: 'X1900XT Radeon (Omega) series' which would be my Omega drivers. These are not officially digitally signed by ATi, so device manager probably won't recognize them. Is there a way i can stop it from trying to? Because i know they work fine. As for the disk-drive, here is the entry inside Disk Drivers:- SATA WDC WD50 SCSI Disk Device. Cheers, D_TOX.
  4. Whats up Fernando. Was wondering if you can tell me what's going on here. So i installed with the Jmicron drivers, plugged into the GSATA ports etc. But now under IDE/ATA Controllers i have all of these entries 3 - 'Primary IDE Channel' 3 - 'Secondary IDE Channel' and 2 - 'Standard Duel Channel PCI IDE Controller'. Also, upon each restart, i always have an 'Other Devices - PCI Device/Unknown Device' entry in my device manager which i can't seem to stop. Cheers Fernando.
  5. You can verify it after having completed the XP installation by having a look into the device manager.Either within the "IDE ATA/ATAPI" or in the "Storage Controller" section you should find a device like "Intel SATA AHCI Controller". Instead i put in the ordinary XP disc... It went through the same process, and recognized the HDD. This means the drivers had no affect. Some people are saying the Intel AHCI is powered by the Jmicron controller, maybe i should just go with that and install all the GSATA drivers instead. I just dont think this mobo supports the Intel method, i just dont know anything to do with this AHCI crap to be honest.
  6. It is a good idea to additionally integrate the INF Intel Chipset drivers.You didn't answer to my question, if your S-ATA hdd was connected to one of the Intel S-ATA port while installing XP. That is the most important point! Please check, where the S-ATA data cable from your hdd is connected. If you want to use the Intel S-ATA Controller features, you have to make sure, that the cable is connected to one of the Intel ports. If you are really unsure, you should enable the AHCI option for all S-ATA ports (Intel and JMicron) while installing Windows XP. After the successful install you can disable the not needed ports and AHCI settings. Set it as "native". You should enable it.Good luck! Fernando Yes, the cable (As ive said previously in other posts) is plugged into the ORANGE ports (Intel's) labeled SATAII 0, SATAII 1, etc. While the purple ones (Gigabytes) are labeled GSATAII 0, 1, etc. Okay, just now, i went into the Bios. Looking at my manual, the 'AHCI Mode' setting isn't even in the bios' manual, but it is in my actual Bios. So i read on, and in the manual, next to the 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode' it says 'These ports are controlled by the GSATA controller... Consult Intel for further information on the AHCI mode'? So, i selected the actual 'AHCI Mode' entry and Disabled it since there's no mention of it in the manual, but left the 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl' to AHCI. This time the installation found my hard-drive but i think the installation would be pointless because i dont know if it even IS in AHCI mode this way?
  7. Are you sure, thata ) your S-ATA hdd was connected to an Intel S-ATA Connector while installing XP and b ) you had enabled TEXTMODE while integrating the Intel S-ATA driver? Because they are better and have better support (more frequently driver updates). I'm definitely selecting them in text mode. There, i have them all selected, then i'd hit OK, and follow the guide through. Then create an ISO from it, mount that image, then copy the image onto a CD. Right? Do you think i should put the INF Intel Chipset drivers into the slipstream, maybe that will help it recognize the AHCI drive? I'm pretty sure i have all the BIOS settings setup correctly, but then again, maybe not. I've tried loads of different combinations. What i dont understand is why there are two 'AHCI' settings. The Onboard Sata/ide Ctrl Mode and just the 'AHCI Mode'. 'AHCI Mode' referring to the Inte i think and the Onboard mode refers to the Jmicron. Also, Onboard SATA 0-3 Mode: Native/Legacy mode? Which mode should that be set at for Intel? Onboard Sata/IDE Device: Enabled/Disabled? So **** confusing, i feel like a complete noob.
  8. Indeed, which this is the problem ive been trying to describe. If i continue this slipstream in the Intel ports, i must install the Intel drivers, which, as you know, are not installing during the Slipstreamed setup! As this guy said, i don't think my ICH8 chipset has an AHCI controller or something yet on Google people are saying it does, just Intel hasn't officially acknowledged it. Also, everyone says to go with the Intel ports for better performance! You can see the dilemma i am in. Argh! Why would you recommend the Intel ports over the GSATA ones anyway?
  9. Thankyou so much Fernando, i will carry this out, i know it will work this time. I'll let you know how i get on mate. Thanks so much for the help and guide. EDIT: I think also, the two settings in the Bios are confusing. There is an 'AHCI Mode' Disable/Enable, and then there's the Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode - AHCI/RAID-IDE/IDE. Enabling the 'AHCI Mode' brings up the Intel 'POST' screen i described above. Enabling the 'AHCI' toggle next to Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode brings up a Gigabyte SATA2/IDE Bios during POST as well. Which makes me believe i should disable the 'AHCI Mode' setting (For Intel) and just leave the 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode' set to AHCI (To show the Gigabyte SATA2/IDE Bios during POST) What do you think? Should i just leave both enabled and ignore the Intel POST Screen? Thats what i get when i select the 'X32' drivers after navigating to the GSATA folder. It's either those, the X64, the Jmide, or the Floppy32/Floppy64 drivers. Are they the right ones, and why are they only PNP mode? Also, should i run the GSATA installer after i have re-installed OS as well? D_TOX.
  10. That's right. Windows Setup is not able to recognise a JMicron S-ATA AHCI Controller connected hdd, if you load the Intel drivers.Your motherboard obviously has an Intel ICH8 southbridge (and needs the Intel INF chipset drivers), but has not Intel S-ATA Controllers at all. If you want to use the AHCI features (which is recommended), you have to enable "AHCI Mode" within your BIOS and slipstream the Gigabyte (=JMicron) S-ATA textmode drivers. You have to enable the "AHCI Mode" before you are going to install a Windows OS. Your motherboard supports AHCI, but the SATA AHCI Controller is the JMicron one. The S-ATA feature "Advanced Host Controller Interface" (=AHCI) was created by Intel first, but other chipset manufacturers are doing the same now (even NVIDIA recently have put the AHCI feature into their newest S-ATA Controllers). Right, okay. So, i need to plug SATA cable into the Purple (GSATA) ports, Slipstream the Jmicron SATA drivers AND the Intel AHCI drivers into the XP disc, but not one or the other, BOTH must be on the disc? Or do you mean, i should slipstream just the Jmicron drivers, with the SATA cable in the GSATA ports, and follow the XP process this way. All the while with AHCI Mode enabled? EDIT: Basically, jsut to get this process confirmed. I'm going to get the Gigabyte SATA_SATA2_RAID driver from the Gigabyte website and im going to get the extracted Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers from Intel. I'm going to integrate BOTH these drivers into an XP installation. Set Bios to AHCI Mode, with HDD plugged into GSATA ports (Or Intels?) and run the installation. With the SATA2 Gigabyte drivers (Jmicron) on the installation, it should enable my motherboard/chipset to SEE the Intel AHCI driver too? EDIT2: Also, if you mean to just Slipstream and install the Jmicron SATA drivers with my HDD in the GSATA slots, then like i said before, with AHCI mode enabled in Bios, i get a quick screen during POST telling me 'Intel AHCI Bios Not Installed'. Which makes me think its not running in AHCI mode at all, meaning i do need Intel drivers installed? This is truely the most aggrevating, confusing, tedious and most time consuming project i have ever undertaken with my PC. So i appreciate this help Fernando. Cheers Fernando!
  11. Argggggggggggh! I slipstreamed ALL those available drivers onto the CD like you suggested Fernando. Plugged HDD into the Orange SATA Intel ports, set AHCI Mode to 'Enabled' and set 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode' to 'AHCI'. Started up the Windows installation, 'Setup is Copying files' then pressed Enter when it gets to the 'Install Windows XP on Hard Drive'. Then it takes me to that screen, AGAIN! ''No hard drive detected, Press F3 to quit setup''. Argh! So i quit setup, set AHCI Mode to 'Disabled' but left the Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to AHCI. Went through the process, this time it found the HDD. I formatted, went through the 'Copying Files' process etc, then reset PC. Before entering the actual Windows installation, i went back into bios and enabled AHCI Mode. Reset. Got to the Windows logo 'loading' screen to carry on the installlation and i get a bSod!?!? For f*** sake what am i doing wrong? If i start all over again but with Slipstreamed Gigabyte druvers and plug it into the GSATA ports (Gigabyte SATA) and leave 'AHCI Mode' to 'Enabled', but Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to 'AHCI' i get the 'Intel AHCI Bios' during post telling me 'AHCI Bios Not Installed'. However, using the GSATA ports and the Gigabyte drivers, i can install Windows, but obviously not with AHCI enabled, and no extra features, or am i mistaken? I just don't know what to do. I want to install INTEL AHCI with AHCI MODE ENABLED in my Bios, the Gigabyte 'process' just seems sucky and i can't have 'AHCI Mode' enabled. So whats the deal? What do i need to do? Am i doing the setup wrong? Should i leave AHCI Mode disabled until Windows XP is fully installed to get it to work? Please help! EDIT: Do you know what? I just don't think my Motherboard supports INTEL AHCI. My HDD needs to be in the GSATA ports, and i need to slipstream the Gigabyte 'Jmicron' controller drivers. But even then, when that is done, enabling 'AHCI Mode' in Bios causes the bSod. Which makes me wonder if this board supports AHCI at all, and if it doesn't, why the hell is it in the Bios? Does the 'AHCI Mode' only relate to Intel, while the 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode - AHCI' relates to the Jmicron controller? What do you think?
  12. You only have to wait a few seconds unless you have used Rapidshare for a big download just before. Yes! The correct one for you is the one above the one you have enabled.By the way: I have written within my guide, that you should enable all listed Intel SATA Controllers, if you are not sure, which one of the listed Controller is the correct one. Yes! Thankyou fernando! I will try this out as soon as possible. I'll let you know how i get on! Put it this way: If i don't come back within a few hours, it worked. On other hand, it may have failed. So! Just sit tight, and ill get back to you sometime in the future. P.S Why the hell isn't this guid STICKY'd!? It is godlike! Thanks again buddy, wish me luck.
  13. Why have you done this?It would have been easier just to take the small driver package I have linked to within my guide. No, you slipstreamed the wrong SATA RAID and not the needed SATA AHCI Controller (just 1 position above the one you enabled). The ICH8 Controller will be detected by Windows Setup, if you integrate the needed Intel textmode driver for the ICH8 SATA AHCI Controller. You didn't enable the needed AHCI Controller, because you don't have a RAID array. Your driver package is on Rapidshare! Which means i would have to wait 128 minutes from the time i encountered this guide. The Intel drivers i extracted before i encountered your guide, i googled your guide after my initial attempt failed! Right!! Oki doki, so, all i need to do is click the HH/HO AHCI controller above the one i had originally selected and slipstream this into the XP installation instead? It was just a matter of me selecting the wrong driver? Furthermore, are those drivers in my picture the correct drivers to work with my ICH8 controller, did i extract and use the right ones under 'Mode - TXT'? Thankyou very much Fernando. So, let me know?
  14. Hey Fernando, First of all, fantastic guide! I've been looking for a specific AHCI Intel Slipstream guide for ages. However, as always, there is a problem - with my procedure. The Facts: HDD: New Western Digital 500GB SATA2 HDD. Motherboard: Gigabyte 965P DS3 - (G965 Express Chipset) Motherboard Specs/Manual/Drivers etc. My Procedure: Hard-Drive is plugged into the Intel Controller ports (Orange). Downloaded the 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager' (File: iata78_enu.exe). Run the '-a -a -p' command to extract the required files. Booted up Nlite and hit 'Integrate > Drivers'. Navigated to the folder with the extracted 'drivers' inside, and selected this one for my 'ICH8' board: Hit next and slipstreamed my Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD with what those drivers. Set Bios settings 'AHCI MODE - Enabled' and 'Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode - AHCI'. First boot device 'CD Rom' Get to XP setup ''No hard disk detected''. The Problem: Did i slipstream the right drivers? My board is ICH8, however, i have found on Google people stating that Intel themselves said these are AHCI compatible and run under the ICH8R controller? Can someone confirm this? What am i doing wrong? Fernando, you seem like the only guy who can get me through this. I've been working on this SATA hard-drive for TWO weeks straight and i just want it to work! *Cry* Please help.
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