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  1. It's definitely working. I waited until it went all the way into the desktop, then shut down a couple times, came back up just fine, shut back down & added a different monitor, back up, down again & added a second drive, back up. All my files are still there -- which is what I was most worried about losing! One program file was corrupted, but I have it on my notebook and can reinstall it. As I said, I'm not sure exactly what it was that got it going, but between loading the XP setup onto the HDD, and looping around for another hour plus, it eventually got past the error message and finished the reinstall. Thanks again!
  2. Well, I copied the 'setup' file from the CD onto the HDD, put it back into the 'looping' computer, did a bunch of other things (in no general order and not sure -- just kept hitting the F8 button & others), and next thing I knew it was past the error message and finally finished the reinstallation of Win XP. I know this doesn't help others if they should have a similar problem, but wanted you to know that I very much appreciate your help and quick responses!! Thank you very much
  3. I'm sorry, but could you tell me what you mean by "gosh's method to put the setup files in your hdd" . . . I do have another computer to put this drive into, so I could do that if I only knew how!
  4. OK, I did a stupid thing. I tried reinstalling Win XP Home Edition without first backing up my vital data. Now I need help! During the reinstall, I got the error message "bad_pool_caller". It then said: STOP: Ox000000c2 (0x00000007, 0x00000CD4, 0x020c0001, 0x833D3718) I can't get the computer out of the 'loop' of restarting the setup. When it shows me the above message, it then takes me to the log. Then after you click on 'close' it reboots, goes to the Dell logo screen, then the Win XP Home Ed screen, then says "setup is being restarted". It continues to do this every time, so I can't get out of it! I moved the hard drive to another computer as a slave drive to try and get my data off of it. But I couldn't get to wherever (probably the My Documents folder) all my Microsoft Word documents are. I believe this is because I had my other computer set up for password protect, so these aren't available when it's a slave drive. If anyone can tell me how to get around this or through it, I'd sure be a happy camper!!!