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  1. Maybe they're using alternate notation for the date (like Stardate...).
  2. With W2K SP4 (full updates) and TClock3_0.3.5 BUGS 1) Upon running TClock3, two blue (same color as the first/left color of the active window's title bar, I'm guessing) bars appear, one behind the rebar gripper , one just to the left of the system tray. Other toolbars that I open have similar blue bar behind the rebar gripper. Bars remain even after closing TClock3. 2) No icon in system tray for TClock3 (I had to right-click to the right of the tray clock to bring up menu); 3) Wiped out my tray clock when hiding and then unhiding start button (tray shifts to the left side of the toolbar, then shifts back and clock disappears). Clock reappears when TClock3 is closed, but disappears again when I run TClock3. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I did manage to catch the following in the heading: Which is why I added the following in my reply: I never stated nor implied that the author of the article was somehow obligated to maintain the links until the end of time. I merely pointed out that the links no longer worked and specifically requested that if someone had a copy, if I could obtain one from them. But thanks for playing all the same.
  4. "Unknown host deviantpc.com" "Sorry. We couldn't find the page you were looking for. In the meantime please choose one of these options: * Go back to the page you came from * Browse the Freespace directory. * Go to the Virgin Net home page. " Anybody have a copy of this that they can e-mail or PM to me? Thanks!
  5. Great tweaks , but a couple of questions: Doesn't this add the "open" command to all files, not just unknown files? I thought that the proper code (or script or whatever you call it) for that would be: And I can't think of any reason why anyone would want to open .DLL's, for example, with notepad. Second, can/should a lot of CURRENT_USER keys be changed to LOCAL_MACHINE or CLASSES_ROOT keys to make the tweaks system-wide? For example: Wouldn't this allow just the current user to open .nfo files with notepad? Whereas the following (or something like it, if I haven't gotten it 100% correct): would allow it for all users? (Although there are several options, such as "Show protected operating system files" and "Show Hidden Files and Folders " that I don't want all users to have) Thanks!
  6. 1) Accessability - Which of the following does this remove: the accessabilty wizard (accwiz.exe), access.cpl, and/or On Screen Keyboard, Magnifier, and Narrator? 2) ACM Core Codecs and Intel Indeo Codecs- If installing a codec pack (such as K-Lite), are these still needed? 3) MIDI audio support - same as above. 4) Window Media Player (and Window Media Player 6.4) - Can this be removed if planning to install (or run in a virtual machine, such as Virtual Solution or VirtualBox)) a later version of WMP? 5) Pretty much the same question as #4, except with Internet Explorer (and Internet Explorer core). 6) Java Virtual Machine - If playing to later install Java, can this be removed? 7) Networking - Since my computer is not part of a network, which items in this section are really needed? 8) Ethernet (LAN) - Would removing this also remove support for DSL Ethernet or just for LAN connections? 9) Kerebros Key Distribution Center - if not using wireless, do I need this? 10) DHCP Client - Needed? 11) Internet Connection Service - only have one comuter that connects to the internet. 12) QoS and QosRSVP - no network and, therefore, I'm assuming there's no local traffic. Needed? 13) Route Listening Service - If one isn't using routers, can this safely be removed? Thanks in advance for all and any assistance anyone can provide.
  7. The only program that I know of that even comes close to doing what nLite does is . It does a few things that I don't recall seeing nLite being able to do (preset Windows Services, get service settings from current system, set non-standard paths for more system folders, set pagefile size, add additional fonts), although if I had to choose only one to use, I'd pick nLite for its ability to remove unwanted components and services. Thankfully, I don't have to and plan on mixing and matching to obtain the best of both worlds.
  8. Is the only difference between your app and the standard RunOnceEx is that yours is customizable? If not, what are the other differences? Just curious.
  9. I've tried both the \Integrate and batch script methods, but neither allowed me to integrate Windows2000-KB917344-56-x86-enu.Exe with my local source even though all the other updates I downloaded with WUD worked fine. I even tried re-downloading it straight from MS, but still no joy. The only thing I can figure is that this update is a "Type 2" update while all the others are "Type 1" updates, and maybe that means it has to be integrated some other way, but if that is correct, I am at a loss as to what to do differently.

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