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  1. Off topic, but 3-4 years ago I installed XP on an old 660 MHz (overclocked) Pentium III, and then took out all but the original 32 MB that it came with. Ouch! Windows used to be able to be installed with 64 MB (that was the minimum requirement when it came out), but they must've changed that to 128 MB after SP2, eh? Take care, Uff my bad i got things all mixed up minimum requirement is 64mb ram with 233 MHz proc. recomended is 128 mb with 300MHz but it works with 133 MHz proc and 32 mb ram (IF YOU DONT RUN INSTALL) you just need to change HDD that has allready winxp installed on slower machine and it works i tryed that so it works 100%
  2. no offence taken yeah i have some problems with writing english cause i live in non english area but i understand english perfectly (owner of nlite should understand my language cause he is from bosnia and im from croatia) my certificates are like 6 months old xp, 2003 server. and something else on first MCP = Microsoft Certified Profesional you learn how to create unattended win. boot cd (but there are some things that nlite can do and microsoft says you cant in their lessons) ALSO MICROSOFT SAYS YOU CANT RUN WINDOWS XP ON 64 MB OF RAM THAT IS NOT TRUE TRUE IS THAT YOU CANT "INSTALL" WINDOWS XP ON 64 MB RAM BUT SURE YOU CAN RUN IT ON ALMOST ANY PROC. AND ALMOST ANY RAM BUT IT WILL TAKE A WHILE (you can make a test install win. with 128 ram and pull out 64 or what ever and restart whala it works) yeah floppy so .... i downloaded nlite (like 2 months ago) and didnt update ... and that must be it if you have some other questions this is my MSN marin.ilic@gmail.com
  3. 1. im sure there is and i had much biger ones (like motherboard gone in flames when i connected 1KW PSU LOL) 2. virus was on the comp. before formating hard drive, after format i couldnt download nlite cause WOW there was no system lol 3. sure its a bug that cannot copy files from floppy during first "BLUE SCREEN WINDOWS COPY" (before first reboot) (but in some miracle he loaded drivers from floppy and formated hdd) sure i could integrate sata drivers but there is no need for that (in normal conditions) cause flashing Bios on that MB solves sata driver issues i was in the woods like 50km from town and couldnt download bios im working in Computer Shop in service department i own MCP MCSA MCSE certificates so i dont need advice. p.s. this post was more like problem solving than help needed. this is a very LOL LMAO story.
  4. First i must say problem is solved. the first problem was some virus second was no internet connection third floppy drive broken (every 5 times he would boot sata driver) fourth and final (bug) nlite doesnt copy sata drivers from floppy on first "windows copy" on hard drive it just loads them so you can format hdd and then some error on copy-ing files (example viasataraid.sys, viasataraid.inf error ) after four long hours i came up with this Boot windows from CD so called "Bart PE" or MiniPE simply copy viasataraid.inf to c:\windows\inf and viasataraid.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers\ reboot system take out miniPE and let the install continue (if miniPE doesnt load sata drivers then you should insert sata floppy into drive A:) all this can be resolved by inserting sata drivers into unattended install (but in my case that was like 50 km from first nlite) i dont want anyone to have this problem its soooooooooo fu. up Cya Bye Pozdrav svima koji razumiju!!!

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