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  1. Hi everybody! I was hopeing you could help me. So here is my problem: I know that for the file winnt.sif to work I need to put it in the I386 folder.BUT how can I do it with XPCreate? At first when I didn't know it was supose to be in the I386 folder - I copied it to the "FILESCD" and also put my OEM folder. After I burend it I installed it and it did copied the OEM folder but the winnt.sif file didn't work! BECUSE it was in the root dictory of the disk and not on the I386 folder. SO IN conclusion - how do I do that the XPCREATE will copy the winnt.sif in the FILECD dictory to the I386? Thanks alot!, Uri92
  2. Hi! I remember i downloaded a month ago the xpcreate and now that i download it its without the menu and the downloader of the hotfix - what happend? thanks alot! Uri92.

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