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  1. small little big problem

    after i lost faith in win 7 i install win xp this time during the instalation it created c: with 100 mb and created d: with the full installation of win xp 990gb my hard disk is very noisy . i think because window go for c: i try to partition/combine but the option is grey help i don't need 2 partition i only want 1 c: how to do this i think win xp is angry i don't want to use win 7
  2. Win 7 = 7 times the headache

    ;' i am using creative pci and 7.1 speaker i am more to gaming with sound there is n games
  3. Win 7 = 7 times the headache

    It would help if you would have posted a question rather than a statement. Hopefully this was cathartic for you, but otherwise this is a useless post. sorry i be more careful in my ..... don't mistaken me because i cannot use my win7 ...thats all... i was the first day buyer for winxp buying a new system i miss the new colourful desktop the new explorer no sound is not win7 prob its creative prob from vista the cannot do the rigth thing i also own vista and when back to win xp the sound not rigth ... you can tell xp sound and other version sound the dif
  4. Win 7 = 7 times the headache

    recently win7 did a window update by itself after that no sound from computer usb 2 not recognise ... i have to buy a new usb adapter for ipod no reason after formatting and installing winxp all above dieases were gone
  5. How can I reduce sound of music in song

    http://www.all4mp3.com/Learn_mp3_sx_1.aspx try this
  6. how to disable win 7 sound

    as above please help
  7. Help Me - Xpee 64

    ===== Post Nº 1 ===== i make a new pc core 2 core quad prob cannot play game reboot every 5 mins so i decided not to use my new comp until intel settled the 2 bore since i cannot use my xp64 cd i use my new xp32 in my old computer,,,, again activation problem at any time did microsoft inform the public and customer there is limit in activation. like smokers there is warning ... don't tell me car can be driven limit time ipod can listeen 1000 times fan use for 2 years there is no limit until its spoil if my xp64 and xp32 is spoiled it my fault and i can buy new cd they know my ip and i am the same user the first place i install xp64 for 14 times is because their update is not working and there were other having this problem for 7 years this is not fair intel lies microsoft lies i only have have vista which is not good for gaming by next year i think i will have 100s of xp and vista because of this if this happen i will go to linux ===== Post Nº 2 ===== i just check the internet there are ton of xp users having this unknow microsoft epidimic i think the next time anyone format his computer there will be activation sickness simple microsoft want the person to swith to vista i solved my own case
  8. Help Me - Xpee 64

    I Cannot Activate XP64 its not my fault , few weeks ago , i format my pc and for no reason i cannot update xp , i have to format 14 times all was fine i just build a new pc , with 4 gig ram , using xp32 as i dont want have xp64 nonsenses ... however xp32 dont support 4 gig ram. i install xp64 , now , i cannot activate windows ...its say i exceeded the number of activation.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Email To Microsoft Help Desk Hi , Remember my case , few weeks back at that time i install xp64 at 12 times i recently build a new computer and i install window xp32 since i use 4gig of ram i cannot use xp32 which is useless like this company now i install xp64 , the stupid " activate windows " say i have exceeded the number of activation what now , you want me to buy new xp64 i install totall 14 times 2 times vista its not my fault , your window update give error i send email to this emails you say email empty did you know how much i suffered and solve my problem furthermore i brougth office 2007 which haven't install why microsoft money not enough is it i buy xp64 you will get richer do you know its 3.48am and i and thinking of activation this stupid os and furthermore microsoft did not help me before since you are the helping person HELP .... email is easy all this is not my fault i did not buy 14 computer why xp cd have life span can you give me microsoft address i will break all your original cds and post to bill gates i owe now xp32 xp64 xpvista only xp64 support my system now LET ME ACTIVATE THIS STUPID XP64