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  1. Can't splitstream on Vista X64 Enterprise

    Nope, just got the Vista DVD and copied it on my desktop. Started up Vlite, went into splitstream sp, chose the right file (x64), started the process. Just hangs there indefinetly after that. Thanx for the reply Neo! ^^
  2. I tried a few times, I have downloaded the Windows6.0-KB936330-X64-wave1.exe file from M$ website, still it gets like to 75% of the process bar and it just locks up there. I disable my AV (Kaspersky Internet Security) and with all the programs closed, it just sits there and stops from closing the process. I waited even 3 hours to see if it finished asp, but nothin. I have Vista with all the updates (apart from the SP1 that was released 2 days ago for Italian Enterprise edition, but with the same KB number, and yet couldn't be bothered to install it) and I am running the process from a laptop with Centrino dual core and 4gb of ram. I easily splitstreamed SP3 on XP but nothing to do with SP1 for Vista. Any clues? I saw that post about downloading WAIK or some stuff, still I had the 1.1.6 and installed the 1.2 over it, so there shouldn't be need. A note, at the beginning when it says it should install some stuff to run Vlite correctly I click on the lower choice (the only one I can click on), and it opens Vlite without any problems right after, without letting me install the upper choice. Could that be a problem? Thanx for any help!