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  1. I enjoy challenges, it gives me an opportunity to stop becoming a contractor and start becoming a staff employee for this company and finally have some decent health insurance....Also, I'll be looking for a new job if I don't get it done! But anyway, to the matter at hand. BDD installed and i'm going through it. so far so good! Thanks! I've gotten nowhere. I have all the tools, put the script in the image file (only at the same directory as every other file) and I really don't know where to go from there, or how to activate the script or anything.
  2. It's 6:21AM, I've been at work since about 8PM (prior days night), and will be here until 5 or 6PM EST. I have been given the task to create a standard image (one) for the company to work across ALL hardware platforms (old desktops to our spiffy new dual core laptops). This will continue. I've almost mastered the art of Sysprep long ago....there isn't really much to master. I've got most of my drivers on the image (still need tweaking, that can come later). What i'm really having a hard time with, is WinPE. I've never used this before, and none of the documentation really goes over my biggest question. "How the hell do I get this to work on computers with different HALs?" My master image is already ACPI, built on an IBM Thinkpad T42. Setting the updatehal command line in my sysprep.ini file resulted in 2 things. Either the image working on a dual core machine, or not. With every half hour that drains away as I re-ghost my master computer to pre-sysprepped state, I've been reading up, and came across some interesting articles both here and outside of here. Namely http://www.myitforum.com/articles/15/view.asp?id=8997 a script that would basically do the work for me. However... "1. Download the sample scripts from this article and store it on your WinPE image or on the deployment server (note the script expects to find the DiskpartActivate.txt script in the working directory). This script assigns a driveletter (C:) to the partition (using a diskpart script), detects the hal type and modifes sysprep.inf with correct info. Some details about the script." How the heck would I set it up on my image? Should I just keep the scripts on my machine? Which I guess will be the deployment server? How do I run deployment server software, i'm rambling, lack of sleep. sorry. Main concerns. 1. How do I 'inject' the HAL-Change script into my WinPE image. 2. Deployment server - seperate software? If so, can it be run on a winxp machine. 3. My syspreps take FOREVER. Should I use mini setup on them? Automatically isntall non pnp drivers? I'm going to clean it up a tiny bit, sysprep it and say "to hell with it, winpe will save me" I guess that's really all for now. Thanks in advance, even if you can give me a good old fashioned "Hi arto94, welcome to the forums, please check out this link for answers to your ultra-basic questions!"
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