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  1. Hello, thanks to msfn I could succesfully create Windows XP CDs for unattended installation. I have been playing around with ris, which is kind of the same, the .sif file has another name, but that doesn't matter. Now I'd like to provide a set of manufacturer drivers for the remote installation. I placed it all in a directory structure under the $OEM$ dir and added the paths to the .inf files in OemPnPDriversPath. The configuration installs without any errors over the network, but with the NVidia Graphics Adapter in the test system used there is some driver problem. I added version of the NForce Driver, the installation program extracted to 157 files, containing nv4_disp.inf. Windows XP uses this Inf file to install the drivers for the Graphics Adapter and it is correctly listed in the device manger. (Correct Version of the driver, the details display all the NVidia files neccessary.) But I have conly 8 colors or something like that and I can't configure a high resolution. If I run the setup.exe which was copied to the c:\drivers subdirectory, than everything works fine without any changes happening in the device manager. (But after setup.exe a tray icon is present!) What is the problem with the NVidia drivers? I have to install it through the OemPnpDriversPath because not all PCs here have a NVidia card, so I can't use silent install. Does anybody know, what I could try to solve the problem? Regards, Stefan (after edit:) It looks like this problem only occurs when the driver is installed during setup. After "updating" the driver with itself everything works as expected.