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  1. Fernando, Thank you so much for your post. It worked perfectly. My problem was with Fedora core 8 installed for some reason XP just stalled at the first install screen. As soon as I removed the Fedora partition all worked perfect. Then after XP I installed Fedora now my laptop runs Vista, XP & Fedora. I can select which one at boot time through the grub bootloader and Vista's bootloader. Only one hitch remains with the "FN" key in XP. I can not change the backlight brightness. Gateway offered to sell me for $200 a "special" version of XP with all the drivers. But declined to offer me the keyboard drivers. Next time I'll be getting another brand thanks to all their help. Thank-you once again for your instruction page. Steve
  2. I have a Gateway laptop model M-6823 I am trying to triple boot Vista XP and Fedora. XP is the problem. The drive is partitioned and Vista and Fedora core 8 work quite well. The XP SATA drivers are the problem. I followed the above instructions and created a CD. It boots fine then says it is checking the system as the screen goes black and the HDD runs and runs like it is loading the drivers etc. I allowed it to run for 20 minutes last night then hit Ctrl-Alt-Del. It had not modified anything the machine still boots Fedora and Vista fine. Does anyone know should I just allow it to run longer? I tried this CD in an older desktop and it runs through fine to the point of asking for an install point. I do not get the black screen on a desktop however. I have made the CD 2 times so far and gotten the same results. Thank-you in advance, Steve
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