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  1. You create a unattended CD right ?

    So the i386 folder is place inside c:\xpcd\ folder

    you create "$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\Office2003" and, inside, you put your unattended install of Office2003.

    the $1 folder is copy right after the setup copy files from the cd to install the system.

    Up to you to choose the way you install this unattended install of Office 2003

  2. Hello everyone :hello:

    Here i go for my first question: i "play" a lot with unattended and know i'm trying to cutomize my billboard.

    Background: OK

    "setup will finish..": OK

    Texts: OK

    Texts colors: KO

    My WINNTBBU.DLL is french, i use "ResHack" to hack background and text without problems. Everithing work fine until i try to change colors using "BBU Color Changer.exe": if i use the resulting "winntbbu.dl_", install fail...

    Any suggestion? :blushing:

  3. can't help ya there, although somewhere on this site I saw a mention of someone having issues w/French characters (?- or some other language other than English)- I believe a solution was found, but can't recall, and I can't remember the title of the topic.

    Not much help, was I?  :no:


    For a french set of caracteres, you have to use ResHack instead of ResEditInstall (work for me with a french windows XP unattended install.


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