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  1. Goode evening everyone! I have a networking problem that has spanned multiple cable modems/routers, installations of windows, and different outcomes. I was hoping that someone here might be helpful. I will start with my system and variations of components used just in case there are known conflicts i am unaware of: AMD 64 x2 6000 Abit KN9 SLI eVGA Geforce 8800GTS 320mb 2 gig OCZ Platinum 6400 Soundblaster Audigy cable modems I have used: Linksys WCG200 ver2 (two different types) Motorola surfboard SB4100 (obsolete cable modem) Motorola surfboard SBG900 (the newer version that includes a wireless network) cable company: Wave Broadband in Washington area And now my problem: I upgraded my computer about 2 months ago with the mentioned hardware, and had originally owned a WCG200v2. It started out fine, but sometimes I would randomly get disconnected. These disconnects would get more frequent over time, until a couple weeks ago I was reseting my modem every hour. I exchanged it and got the same model. It started out good, but within 2 days was right back to the same situation of reseting every hour or more. I switched the cable modem with my old original cable modem, the SB4100. The connection was pretty stable, but its performance was garbage. So I went to the store and bought the SBG900. I had called my ISP to activate it and got it running, but as soon as I hung up the phone, it had disconnected me. I rebooted my computer and when I got back online, it disconnected me soon after. If I use the repair feature for my connection, it comes back and then disconnects me at some random interval afterwards. I tried a clean installation of windows, updated only the basics, and now Im still having the same problems. It is possible it is the cable modem messing up, but since all I have to do is the repair function to back and running, I have a feeling it is windows networking settings. Any help or redirection to another place would be greatly appreciated. ** edit ** just as an update, ill use world of warcraft as an example. In the past, any hiccup in my connection would lead to an inevitable disconnection from the server. However with my current problem, I can alt-tab out of the game (due to the symptoms of a disconnect), use the network repair feature, and everything works fine and I stay connected.
  2. hi all ;p so i cant believe ive been installing and reinstalling windows so many times for the past few years without ever hearing about any program like this ;p few newbie questions... 1st, do i just add all of those files to the nlite run once tab, or is it even easier than that? 2nd, how do I add driver files, specifically nvidia graphics drivers that use an exe and include a bunch of files and utilities? 3rd, whats the point of downlaoding these other files from ryanvm? thanks for the help

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