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  1. Windows 7 Migration

    Hello All, I want an official email to be sent to employees informing them about moving to windows 7 Following is my email content, but i can see it is very weak and need to change it, thus i will highly appreciate if anyone can provide me with sufficient letter or email to be used... ============== Welcome Everyone, Seeking technological advancement and in order to ensure continuous support and uninterrupted updates on security patches from Microsoft, Customs IT has initiated windows 7 migration project. Windows 7 are made simpler and easier to use and has improved ways to manage and locate files and other features which helps rapidity throughout everyday tasks. It has a faster and more reliable performance compared to its predecessors. Not only that we are eager to migrate you to Window 7, but we are additionally planning to set up Microsoft Office 2010 in all the migrated devices. Office 2010 offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work. With Office 2010, users are in control and getting things done very effectively. It is very user-friendly, and enables you to create standout reports and presentations. We in Customs IT are very excited to have you among the initial batches and we are grateful to your trust and support. So in order to prepare for Thursday 14th of April implementation , you are kindly requested to take note and comply with the following: • If you haven’t started already, then please take a Backup of all your critical data! Click Here to Backup You Files Don’t close the black CMD window, else copying will be terminated. Should you need any assistance in this process, then please do not hesitate to contact me at XXXXXXX • Please note that the migration will commence precisely at 13:00 hrs (01:00 PM) • Ensure that your devices are kept connected to customs network during the migration to WINDOWS 7 • Beware, the total migration time will last approximately 2 hrs so please bear with us while we are trying to support you • Beware as well that, the network shared folder provided to you for the backup purposes is a transitory storage (temporary one). So two days maximum will be given to you to verify and take corrective actions. Automatically all the data you’ve stored will be erased in order to prepare for the subsequent batches • Should you encounter any issue post the migration raise a call to IT Customer Service Thanks for your collaboration and support.=========================
  2. Software’s Prompts

    Well, I would appreciate if any member can provide me the applications switches ( like /silent, /s, /q, etc..) and what each letter meaning... any link, examles or topic over here is also appreciated TEAM. I wiill share more picutres... Cheers!
  3. Software’s Prompts

    Hello Team, Q1: I'm wondering how to ignore such as the attached pictures popup for any software/application. Q2: How to convert .exe to .msi and is it recommended or not Your assistance is highly appreciated Cheers!
  4. Can you please TEAM share the ResEdit or any other to enable me start this level and task.. you sharing and response is highly appreciated... Cheers!
  5. jbm, so kind of you to support us quickly... this step has solved my question successfully - Much appreciated... Kelsenellenelvian, never forgot your support too... Good luck.. i'll be in touch for up coming questions soon !! wait me Cheers!
  6. Hello TEAM, I have done the changed advised by you as: Change your winnt.sif to "FileSystem=ntfs" and change the tile of "autopartition=1" But I still get the blue screen with unpartitioned, then screen is asked to choose the NTFS only because as above I have chosen FileSystem=ntfs). Rest of installation is working properly with tested softwares successfully... Please assist for the 1st installation level to avoid the Blue Screen.... Cheers!
  7. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM :angrym: .........No more help about the above question....... What is the best script for silent mode...??
  8. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian.... but my question about the 60 sec. shutdown... how to make silent shutdown without any popup msg... I won't bother myself in waiting... Wanna very silent installation Much apprecaited...
  9. Thanks a ton (jbm); I have tried CDIMAGE.EXE and it works perfectly. Well, I would share this issue too while the installation 1st: unpartitioned, the screen is asked to choose the unpartitioned drive and I won't this msg to appear (NTFS is my chosen). please assist 2nd: shutdown_error, where I got this msg which restart the machine (how to restart without waiting for 60 sec.). Please assist Pictures are attached The start.cmd file is attached Your support is highly appreciated. Regards... start_CMD.txt
  10. Thanks for the reply, but I would need more assistance to solve this matter. Please give me the trick to let this test work. Much appreciated
  11. Hello PAL's I would appreciate if any one help me in resolve the below issue, where I have followed the Beginner and Intermediate steps; and once start the setup from the CD using Virtual PC ------------------------------------------------------- No FAT32 Volumes Found, exiting... NTFS Filesystem Driver for DR-DOS. Version 1.200 . Copyright © 2002-2004 Ahead Software and its licensors. Usage: ntfsread.exe [-u] Search for USB HDD devices... Error. USB Driver not installed. No NTFS Volumes Found, exiting... NWCDEX.EXE Version 2.81 CD-ROM file handler. Copyright © 1992, 1997 Caldera Inc. All rights reserved. Driver not found: 'USBCD001'. Drive D: Driver 'MSCD001' unit 0 Completed codepage prepare function Completed codepage select function NLSFUNC R4.00 National Language Support Copyright © 1988,1998 Caldera, Inc. All rights reserved. Caldera DR-DOS 7.03 Copyright © 1976, 1998 Caldera, Inc. All rights reserved. [DR-DOS] A:\> Dr_Dos.txt