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  1. AEF, SMF or PHPBB

    Well they have been releasing RC's for quite long. And I think it will still go on.
  2. AEF, SMF or PHPBB

    I think so PHPBB is very basic. Not even sub forums are there. Though it has a large community its still pretty basic. AEF and SMF are better I feel.
  3. AEF, SMF or PHPBB

    Is it true PHPBB has a HACKED Login System ? Which version of PHPBB ? Well then its AEF or SMF. I think AEF is better. What would you guys choose if given a Choice. I dont want to theme a board and SMF theme is Crap. Waiting for your replies
  4. AEF, SMF or PHPBB

    Hello, I wanted to use a free forum software for my company. After doing a brief search and reading some posts I have too choose between AEF, SMF or PHPBB. The links: SMF - http://www.simplemachines.org/ AEF - http://www.anelectron.com/ PHPBB - http://www.phpbb.com/ Ok my requirements are that it should have a good Speed and not compromise on Features. Also it should be giving less load and should be bandwidth efficient. Dont forget good looks. I installed AEF 1.0.4, SMF 1.1.4 and PHPBB 2.0.22 and PHPBB3 RC7. Now the thing is AEF is very fast compared to PHPBB and SMF, it is good looking, has all the required features, infact some features like a Dock and Text Editor is not there in SMF and PHPBB. SMF has more feature but then its looks are YUCK. PHPBB and AEF look really good to the eyes. The problem with AEF is that it is a really new software from what I heard and read. Would it be safe to use it ? Has anyone tested it ? I like it because its fast, fully featured. SMF as I said is not good looking. PHPBB2 has less features and PHPBB3 is still in the Release Candidate Stages. So please guide me on this and help me decide. (If I have posted this in the wrong place please shift it. Sorry If I am wrong in my posts. Also I searched for this here and not much of comparison on boards. I know you guys are Windows Fans, but I thought that such a large company might know about it.) Regards, John