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  1. Server 2003 Domain trust issue

    Thanks for the thought, cluberti... They "handle" their DNS on their own. Each being their own independent set up. I did have a thought however.... With server "B" plugged in to the switch making it a part of the "internal" network of server "A", it appears to me that may be the issue. As I was driving home last week, I kind of had a "lightbulb" moment, and thought that if we plugged into the router that server "A" was plugged into for outside internet access instead of the server "A" internal network switch, this may resolve this issue???? Holy cow that's a lot of quotes... lol Hmmm maybe I need to draw a diagram to explain it, but my thought is that I need to get server "B" out of Server "A"'s internal network... make them parallel plugged into the same router.... Then they both would be looking for each other's domains on the external nic of each machine? Does that make any sense?
  2. Server 2003 Domain trust issue

    Anyone have any thoughts at all on this? I'm at a los as to why one server sees the other fine and not vice versa.... Thanks again, Dusty
  3. Good day all. I've been fighting an issue creating a domain trust between two windows 2003 standard servers. The trust appears to work fine in one direction, but not vice versa. I'm thinking it's a DNS issue, but I've been through this so many times and so many ways, I'm going blind staring at it. Here's the Scenario. Server A has two nics. One connects to the outside (internet) and the other manages the office network. It is set up as a primary domain server with Active Directory and DNS. It manages DHCP for the office network. Server B has two nics. One connects to the "outside" (which is actually connected to the office network mentioned above. The other nic connects and manages the shop network. It is set up as a primary domain server with AD and DNS. It manages DHCP for the shop network, although the shop network nodes are mostly on static IP's. Now, Server B can ping Server A by it's domain name (servera.local), without a problem, however Server A can NOT ping Server B by it's domain name (serverb.local). Server A CAN ping server B by it's computer name and by it's IP address. When I first tried to set this up, I started the Domain Trust wizard from Server B. Everything was going great, including entering admin user and password information for Server A... until I tried to validate the trusts. It validated the outgoing trust fine, but not the incoming trust (once again, server A cannot "see" Server B's domain. So, I've added "A" records on both servers, pointing to each other's IP's. No dice.. same thing. Then, I set up secondary zones for each server. Allowed the copying of zones the way it should be. The secondary zone on Server B populated immediately, however the secondary zone on Server A couldn't populate.. getting an error that it's not reachable or something... and to reload the zone or press F5, which does nothing. What is blocking Server A from pinging and seeing Server B's domain????? I'm at a loss... please provide some detailed steps if you have any that I can go thru to possibly give this to work. One thing I thought of was that server A may be looking at the outside NIC vs. looking at the internal network NIC for server b's domain... How do I verify this?? and further, how do I get Server A to look at the internal network NIC instead of the outside (internet) nic for the domain it can't seem to locate? Hopefully someone understood that.. What am I missing???? Thanks for your time... Dusty