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  1. Default User Registry Permissions

    Thank you for actually trying to help me Schloss. Your third idea is along the right track of what I ended up doing.
  2. Default User Registry Permissions

    <shakes head> I mean this in the nicest way possible. But your quite wrong. Whether or not to force changes like this will vary from environment to environment. I have a lot of older users who aren't very tech savvy. They have a hard time finding programs and an even harder time remembering that they can right click and choose sort alphabetically. The menu being sorted alphabetically by default would save a large majority of my users a lot of headaches and reduce the number of silly helpdesk tickets I get daily by a significant number. I'm not sure why you felt the need to even reply here with your opinion. I asked for help doing a task. Not for anyone's opinion of whether I should be doing the task in the first place. The decision of whether or not to perform the task, I have already made and its set in stone at this point. I don't tell you how you should run your network, I would appreciate it if you don't tell me how to run mine. One would think a supermod would know this type of courtesy. Again I mean no dis-respect, as this is the most polite way I can word this. Have a nice day.
  3. Default User Registry Permissions

    nm i found a solution, thanks anyhow.
  4. Gosh's Security Template Post

    nm, I found a solution. thanks anyhow.
  5. Gosh's Security Template Post

    In this post http://www.msfn.org/board/Unattend-Secret-...ty-T-t9513.html Gosh explains how to integrate a security template during installation. I'm trying to find a way to Set certain registry permission to be the default for all users. Gosh's guide would work If i was trying to do this during the installation, but I'm trying to do this to a windows install that's already up and running. I would hate to have to redo this install for this one silly setting. When I go through the security template dialogue to create one, it wants you to choose from the hkey users hive, local machine or classes root hive. I think this is my problem. Loading the c:\documents and settings\default user\ntuser.dat into the reg editor and setting the permission and then unloading, doesn't work. Suggestions?
  6. Default User Registry Permissions

    When I tried this, it only worked for file permissions, not for registry permissions. Did you actually try it yourself for registry permissions or did u take a guess?
  7. I'm trying to configure the default user registry permissions. I have found a wealth of info here on how to do this using security templates and automated install disk. I'm trying to change the settings for a windows install thats already up and running. I basically want all newly created users to automatically get the registry permissions that make the start menu automatically sort alphabetically. The problem seems to be that this is an HKCU setting. Like I tried to take the default users ntuser.dat file and load it in regedit, alter permissions, unload. but new users don't get those permissions. any ideas?