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  1. How to save as unicode?

    Kman, The file appears to be intact. I did a diff on the two and came back with no changes. If I open the file that is giving me problems and open save as it defaults to Unicode formating. I'm guessing something of the header didn't quite make it. I may have to resort to some kind of self extractor. That's a good idea that I hadn't considered.
  2. How to save as unicode?

    Alanoll, I prestage pretty much everything locally, so its copied during that phase. I haven't tried those switches I'll take a look.
  3. How to save as unicode?

    Slim, Thanks, but I have a working Unicode file on my server, but when that file is copied to the platform where the unattended is being staged it apparently looses that encoding. Doesn't exactly work for an unattended automated isntall to have to go through and rebuild those xml files by hand on every platform.
  4. How to save as unicode?

    Wraith: Great work. this little guy is a lifesaver. I did run into a glitch when I changed over to 1.0.5. I'm running an unattended install (not from CD, won't fit.). I stage everything onto the local laptop from the network, including Xplode and the XML for the platform. It appears something gets lost in using xcopy or copy to stage the xml over to the new platform. The original XML on the network works fine, but any copied XML just gets a complaint of it not being in Unicode format. Does anyone have any idea how to copy a Unicode ASCII file and maintain that encoding? I've tried xcopy and /a and /b switches on copy. No luck. Thanks!