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  1. Hello, I have some problem while installing device driver in windows machines. Actually I am using DPInst for installing device drivers.If hardware is plugged in, it will install driver and associate it properly. If hardware is not plugged-in (PnP), DPInst will pre-install driver into driver store. But when user plugs hardware, it will not install/associate the driver automatically. I want to install driver even if hardware is not plugged-in also. How do I solve this issue?
  2. I use most updated version of DPInst.exe (version 2.1) to install 2 usb driver (ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf). They are all unsigned. So I make legacyMode on, which allow DPInst.exe install unsigned driver. It tells me installation is successful after I run the DPInst. But It still prompt up "Find new hardware" when I plug the device to my desktop. The DPInst.xml file is good. I just don't know why it happens like this. Please help!!!

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