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  1. Inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25

    I have the same problem as u! Desperately need help to save my data...now cannot boot into Windows after the WINDOWS XP splash screen. Ok here's what it is....I have a laptop, 3 partitions. Of which one of the partitions is the win XP. I installed and then uninstalled FM07/08 because I felt it was too laggy (not right) and previously when I restarted my computer chkdsk auto-ran (for no apparent reason), and when I logged in, Zonealarm's program listings were wiped out. I used system restore in safe mode to back Windows to a state about 1 week before, as it was stable at that time. (Safe mode cos I cannot go into Windows successfully, apparently services.exe, lass.exe got problems??! Some indexing thing I think) However, after system restore was done and I successfully booted into Windows, I restarted the computer to check if all was right. (AND THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED) chkdsk ran (again), and I was stunned. It did 3 layers of checks, by deleting some indexes in the file (have 6 numbers, whole long list), and then adding a index $0 to file 25 (dunno what it means! but there was a pretty long listing). And there were NUMEROUS changes to the file system apparently because the orphaned files went to another file. So I thought it was ok, chkdsk auto-restart, and now after the splash screen I cannot even go into windows logon. It is just...BLANK. Any help? I need my data, and IBM said they can only give a recovery CD to wipe my hdd... -.- 1) How to recover my data? 2) Should I just format the current XP drive and install a new clean setup of Windows? (I dun really like the idea...) 3) Would the other 2 partitions be ok?